Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back from the Clinic...

Hi everybody!

I'm finally back home from the clinic after being warded for 3 days since my sterilization. I'm found to have poor blood clotting system and that's why I have very bad swelling and bruises around my wound.

Tired but extremely happy to be back home with my own blankies, cage, toys, treats and my family!

The vet had put a pressure bandage around my wound area to help in reducing the swelling.

And this is where the bruises are.... It might take days to weeks for the bruises to be gone completely.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Silent Protest

Spoilt brat in the making....
... silent protest to seek yummier food.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Yesterday night, my family rushed me to the vet after discovering that both my eyes and muzzle were swollen upon returning from my walkies. My family totally freaked out and not knowing what had happened, they called the emergency hotline of the clinic as it was after consultation hours and Dr Jeremy Lee of The Animal Clinic was on standby to treat me.

The conclusion was that I was stung by unknown insects (probably bee?) whilst walking on the grass downstairs. It's either the insect flew and stung me or I stepped on a dead bee and got stung... Anyway, I was given 2 injections to reduce the swelling and it actually works!

My face had gone back to normal and not the 'pig-head' as compared to yesterday. The doctor said my family did the right thing to rush me to the vet as later in the night, the swelling might get worse and if my throat swell, I might suffocate.

So to all doggies out there, please remember not to play with insects! They are DANGEROUS alliens

Btw, I'm being booked for neutering on 27 Dec (this coming monday). Hope that I'll be a really good boy then!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Giant Papillon??

Today, Small jiejie bought a new doggie magazine and according to a table inside the magazine, papillons are supposed to be 'extra small' in size!! Did you hear that correctly?? EXTRAAAA SMALLLL!!! Even my Miniature Schnauzer girlfriend - April who is similar in size as me is classified only as 'Small' as well as Mimi - the Jack Russell Terrier who is also 'Small'....

So does it means that I'm an overgrown papillon??

Monday, December 6, 2010

Fussy Eater

My family says I'm a super duper fussy eater. Firstly, I refuse my Addiction Lamb kibbles so my family changed my diet to a home-cooked meal consisting of pork, rice, veggies & pumpkin. But soon, I got tired of it even when they changed my meat to mutton. So the next thing they do is to buy doggie canned food for me. I've tried unagi & seaweed, duck with potatoes, king salmon, chicken with pasta etc..etc... but still I got tired after only eating once.

So yesterday, my family decided that they had enough of my fussy eating. They consulted the pet shop and they recommended Pronature. According to them, even the fussiest dog will want to eat it. Guarantee!!

My family warned me that this will be the last time they're going to change my diet and I better like it. So they bought for me the Roasted Duck with Orange Flavour. Roasted Duck with Orange in it??? Yes! You've heard right! Strange new flavour....

So how do I fare? Yap, I pretty much like it except that I've got a really poor eating habit of walking around after just a few mouthfuls and then returning to it when I feel like it.

"Daddy, is this my new food? Smell nice from the outside! Hmm...but I think I prefer the doggie on the packaging!"

Here's the packaging - Duck with Orange! Hope it's yummy because it cost a bomb at over S$40.00 per pack!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

At Loggerheads

I've always been a friendly little guy but Buddy just can't get along with me. Whenever he visits our house, he will want to bark at me and bully me.... Why so??

We can't even be best friends when we went downstairs for walks. Whenever he sees me running towards him, he will bark at me intending to frighten me away. But being the nicey cool guy, I'll just turn and walk away ignoring him. He's fine with humans but not doggies.

Hmmm.... must think of a way to break the ice and get him to be friendlier.

Here's me at loggerheads with him whilst having walkies downstairs.

Btw, a little updates on the puppy girl next door...
She had already moved to the factory where she was born as she was making far too much noise and garnering lots of complaints from our corner neighbours. Poor girl... she'll have to contend with living with other stray dogs (aka big bullies) at the factory of her family. I'm going to miss more friend friend...


Buddy's family went to Bangkok last week and got some pressies for me! There's a pack of Liver Treats, a yellow collar and a cowboy hat!!

Here's me posing with my new cowboy hat. Buddy has one too! Big jiejie say she's going to make matching bandannas for both of us when she's free so we can wear for Chinese New Year! We can be the Cowboys Gang!! Poor Charcoal will be missing out from the action...

Aren't I handsome?? See my big smile!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Dogs Channel

As everybody knows, I'm a super hyperactive boy who can hardly stay still for a moment except when I'm dog-tired. So the next best thing to do in order to make me keep still, is to switch on the TV Channel - Animal Channel or shows on dogs to be exact. Seeing those furry friends of mine on the screen will definitely keep me sitting still on the sofa for as long as my furry friends appear!

See below video on my TV watching episode!
(Psst: Stupid Big jiejie don't know how to tilt the video screen so you'll just have to contend with watching it sideways!)

"Jiejie, are you filming me or my friends on TV? Who is cuter - my friends or me? (Definitely me!!!) I'll say 'Cheese' for the camera!"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Helpful Guy!

I'm always the ever helpful and friendly gentleman.

See below video!
I'm always so eager to help mummy to fold the clothings, make the bed, hang the clothes and also make the comforter.

"Mummy, daddy, I help you! This comforter is a bit too big to handle for both of you! Some doggy help might be useful!"

The New Goal Keeper!

I love playing ball games with my family. Most often, I will be the goal-keeper whilst my family throws the ball to me. Whether it is a flying ball, rolling ball or jumping ball, I do not mind. I just lovvvveees chasing after balls!

See my superb goal-keeper skill in the video below! I can catch balls even if they are in the air! Aren't I a clever boy?

Updates on my tail condition:
Daddy decided to remove the e-collar on me since last sunday (day after the vet visit) as I was looking really miserable and pathetic and daddy was so heartache that he decided not to torture me anymore. Though, he did warn me that if I'm going to bite my tail again, I'll be back on the e-collar. So I had been trying my best to be a good boy and stop biting my tail (Psst: But I bite when nobody looking cos' it's really itchy and I can't help it!!)

However, now my tail is much, much better and my fur has started growing back slowly. And most importantly, I've gained back my freedom and my naughtiness!! Hee...hee...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tail Infection

Yesterday, I went to the vet again. Actually, the appointment was booked for my annual injection. But since I've been biting my tail recently and the wound had become quite red, my family decided to have the doctor checked on my condition as well.

The result was that I had a tail infection which is quite bad. The doctor got to shave off part of the fur on my tail before they could apply medicine on it. As a result, I've got to put on the really uncomfortable e-collar to forbid me from biting my tail again.

I was scared stiff with the strange thing surrounding my head. When I came back home, I dare not walk just in case I couldn't see and bump myself against the wall. I even need some coaxing before I lie down. I couldn't have a proper sleep because of this strange thing hindering my resting position.

But I'm a really clever boy! After investigating and finding out how this e-collar works, I managed to find a pose that will allow me to lick my tail. Just this morning, I managed to wriggle out and escape from the e-collar. What's the use of the e-collar anyway??

Oh no... how can I bear with this for the next 2 weeks without freedom and my nice fluffy tail???

See my so sad and pathetic look.....

This is my tail now - red and swollen.. No more cotton candy tail...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bow Tie!

Mummy and big jiejie made a bow tie for me today using their new sewing machine!

Aren't it cute?

Me with my new bow tie sitting smartly on the big black armchair! Am I handsome?

Another photo of me with my "as usual" cute innocent model look!

**Psst... Daddy say I look like a girl/sissy with the pink bow. Mummy, next time do a more masculine bow tie for me okay?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Girl Next Door

This is a very late post which big jiejie promised to help me upload. She promised to show my girlfriend from next door - The Puppy Girl!

And no, she's no longer the tiny puppy girl from 4 months ago! She has now grown up to be bigger in size than me and she's a real barky dog who barks at everybody who pass by her gate!! But, funny thing is.... she's totally scared of me! So want to know how to stop her from her noisy barking?

Answer: Just let me appear in front of her gate! She will immediately stop barking, run and hide in her kitchen whenever she sees me!! Am I so scary?? I'm just a friendly little guy who wants to say "Hi" to my neighbours!

Guess what Scooby is looking at?

His girlfriend next door - The Puppy Girl

She has grown from a tiny little girl to now, a gigantic girl in just 4 months!
Picture on right was taken last month and by now, her latest size is much larger than this! what has she been stuffing herself??

Thursday, October 14, 2010


My family says I'm a good natured, "happy-go-lucky" or simply "bo-chap" boy who don't mind people disturbing me (though more often it's me who disturb people, hee..hee..). Anyone can touch me anywhere - teeth, ears, nose etc and I won't even growl or snap at them. What a friendly boy I am, right?

Yes, I know, if not for my hyperactive character, maybe I'll be a suitable candidate for a volunteer therapy dog at those old folks homes where I can bring joy to the people there! But, I can't even sit still for a minute once I'm outside the house, so how can old people catch up with me?? Okay, forget it...

Here, my family disturbs me by making me be a superman and I don't even mind or realize until...

Hey, mummy! What's that on my back?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bicycle Ride or Basket Ride?

I love going "gai-gai" (going for walks) downstairs to meet my doggie friends! There's Mimi, the female Jack Russell (who turns and run away when she saw me! Am I so scary??), Foxy, the male long-haired Chihuahua (who barks at me but I don't want to play with him cos' of his small size - no fun..), the very fat male white Maltese (who is too fat and can't run so how to play??) and recently, I've found a new girlfriend - April the Miniature Schnauzer. She's the only one who matches my size and height and will gladly run and play with me!

Daddy says that I cannot walk properly like other dogs. I keep on pulling on the leash and it was very tiring to walk me! So what is the solution?

Riding in the bicycle basket??

Or in the laundry basket??

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bangkok Trip

Hi everybody!

My family had just got back from their Bangkok trip and I was home-boarding at the 2 big golden retrievers korkor and jiejie's home.

Initially, when I went to their house, I was very nervous and refused to relax, walking up and down the whole house. When I tried smelling the golden retriever korkor, his big happy wagging tail swung and hit my little head! But never mind, soon I managed to settle in and made friends with them. The golden retriever korkor is the friendliest dog that I've ever seen! He will never fail to greet everyone who came to his house by bringing his toy and sharing them with you!

Look what my family bought for me on their Bangkok trip! Treats, toys, clothings and a bed!

Me in my new dog bed! A strawberry!

My first new clothing! There's 3 altogether but big jiejie only remember to take me in 1 of them!
Aren't I handsome?

These are the 3 T-shirts that my family bought for me!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy 1st Barkday!

Today is my 1st Barkday! I'm officially 1 year old in human life and 7 years old in doggie life! Wow, if I'm human, I'll be attending Primary 1 now! Daddy says that by 1 year old, I should be more steady but no, I'm still the very playful and naughty boy! Well, that's good news! At least it shows that I'm still young and enjoying my doggie days!

Small jiejie and Mummy went to Vivo City to get me a birthday lamb pie, more treats and my birthday presents!

Posing for the camera with my birthday pie!

Aiming at the pie whilst Daddy set the table.

Posing with my birthday pie and presents - banana soft toy, ketupat bag and Red Dingo harness with a cheeky smile!

Digging into my delicious birthday pie.

What a mess! Ummgghh... the meat and veggie inside taste better than the pie crust. Small jiejie, next time can order the pie without the crust??

Me with my new Red Dingo Harness. Big jiejie bought me a Red Dingo harness for my birthday as I nearly got lost when my old harness came loose whilst out on my daily walk with Daddy the other day. Now I shall be more secure with the new harness.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Time Grooming!

Yesterday, my family brought me for my first grooming session at Paws House near our home. The lady groomer, Coreen, is a professional groomer who has won the first prize in the Category C grooming competition in 2009 organised by SKC.

I was scared stiff and was shivering with fear throughout the whole ordeal and my tail was down all the time. I was shaking so much that Coreen got to use her legs to stop the table from vibrating. Can't blame me since this was my first professional grooming and I don't know what to expect, right?

On the grooming table... totally scared stiff.

Cut, cut, cut....On the way to being a handsome boy...

Into the bathing tub for a wash-down halfway through the grooming process.

The blow-drying process. The sound from the blower was so horrifying, sounds like vacuum cleaner! Agghhhh! But I've got no place to hide!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Digging for "Gold"??

Digging...digging with all four legs inside the small box...
"Hey Scooby! What are you looking for? Is there gold inside?"

Scooby: "No. It's something better than gold! It's my favourite ball! Hee...hee..."

"Opps! I dropped the ball.."

"Hee..hee.. Jiejie, can you help me retrieve my ball? I'm stuck inside this little box."

Monday, August 16, 2010

Car Ride!

It's another few more days to my 1st barkday and I've really grown up to be a much braver boy! For once, I'm now not afraid of taking car rides. I don't get much carsickness now and have come to enjoy being in the moving car where I can climb high high on my daddy's arms and look out at the whizzing cars outside.

What a beautiful scenery there is outside!

Before starting off.....

Enjoying the scenery along the journey....

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I was having diarrhea again. My family brought me to the vet at Sunset Way on Monday night. The vet said that I had the same bacteria in my poo as the last time. He said that I must have been licking the dirty ground whilst out on my daily walks and this problem cannot be helped unless I grew up to have stronger immunity then I'll stop having diarrhea. Hope so! No choice, who ask me to be so inquisitive about everything!!

Btw, I've gained weight! Yippee!! The last time that I was at the vet in February, my weight measured 5.5kg. Now I've increased to 6.35kg! When my daddy asked the vet why I'm still so skinny despite eating a lot, the vet's reply was that "because I'm a hyperactive little boy!" I've been running, jumping, playing, chasing balls and disturbing people a lot which used up a lot of energy, not to mentioned burned a lot of calories. That's why I'm still so slim! Hee..hee...

I was given antibotics, another type of tablet to firm up my stools and a liquid medicine to ease my upset stomach. And I've been a really good boy to gobble up all my tablets wrapped with cheese and lick the last bit of liquid medicine administered from the syringe which Big jiejie gave to me. Medicine don't taste so bad afterall!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Choosy Fellow!

I've got a whole lots of toys - stuffed toys, balls, ropes etc stored in my wardrobe. So whenever, I want something, I'll ask someone to help me. But, Big jiejie says I'm very choosy. Am I??

Here's the video for you to judge:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Scooby, the cutest and friendliest dog!

Big jiejie likes to meddle with me and takes my photos because she said I look so cuteeeee.... Wherever I go, I'm bound to make friends with people especially aunties! They'll always go, " Oh, is this your dog? So cute!!"

Recently, I've made many new friends including next door auntie's mahjong khakis! Last time, whenever they walked past our door, I'll bark at them to greet them. But not now, I've already friend, friend them because I always visit them whenever they came to play mahjong next door. So now it's the opposite, whenever they walk past our door, they will greet me with a "Hello!" and I'll be standing on my hind legs at the door giving them my friendliest smile!

(Big jiejie: Psst.... Actually he's not going next door to friend friend the aunties. He's actually going next door to tackle (date) the little puppy girl - his newfound girlfriend. Will post photos of her soon!)

Also, I've finally gain recognition as a papillon. Finally there's someone who knows my rare breed as a Papillon (Butterfly Dog)! Whilst walking me at the open space opposite our home, this China auntie see my cute face and approached Small jiejie asking."Is this your dog? So cute! He's a Butterfly Dog, right?"

And yah! You should have seen Small jiejie grinning from ear to ear. Heehee...

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yesterday was another home alone day for me. Daddy, Mummy and Small jiejie went to Vivo City for shopping leaving me alone at home....

So boring.....

Why isn't anybody home yet....

Waiting.... Waiting..... Waiting.....

Finally they're back and they didn't come home empty-handed! There's my big bag of treats just for me!! Luckily I was being a good boy and not up to any mischief! Yippee!!

See me sniffing and checking out my treats. There's Chicken Kiwi Lasagne, Chicken dumbbells, Duck breast, Sushi Rolls etc...etc... Wow! Yummy!

And now my turn to enjoy my treats.