Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My 2nd Round of Pressies from Taiwan!

This time, it's Daddy, Mummy and Small jiejie's turn to go Taiwan and they came back with many many pressies for me!

See! There's many clothings and harnesses for me!

This is my handmade ribbon collar. Nice?

This is my blue angel harness. Now with the wings, I look more like a sweet little angel than the naughty little devil right?

(PS: Big jiejie say Noooo... with wings or no wings, still the same naughty little Scooby.) Hai....

And this is my new step-in harness! Now it will be easier for me to wear my harness.

And this is my first Addidog raincoat! Now there's no excuse for Daddy not to bring me downstairs when it's raining!!

Oh, now can play peek-a-boo with the raincoat hood!

This is my 2nd jumpsuit. Oh my, don't I remind you of the clown in the circus with the jumper suit, thick red sausage lips and white face (though my face is black! haha!)

A happy clowny smile for you!

This is another denium pants with suspender over a singlet!
Small jiejie, I look like an Ah Beng in this outfit leh!

But I'm a very cute Ah Beng aren't I??

I'm such a fortunate doggie as I received the most pressies from my family's holiday trips than other humans!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Off Booties Off...

These days, I've been busy trying to find a way to undo those ugly booties that Small jiejie tie around my pretty paws. I'm now having some idea of how to get rid of them. Just that I need some more teeth strength. Now I'll have some excuse for Daddy to buy me more treat treats.

"Daddy, I need to strengthen my teeth. Can you buy more chewy bone bones for me to practise?"

Or will some kind souls out there please help me....???

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Homemade Booties

I've been licking my paws very often till they are saliva-stained and my human family is super irritated by my action. So what do they do?

They made 'booties' for me! Neah..... that wasn't a very good idea and not what I wanted..... They tried on one of my paws and warned that if I continue to lick my other paws, they will be all bandaged up too ....

See the helpless look on my face.....Hai....
Though it's a little inconvenient to me but nevertheless being the smart doggie, I can still jump, play and run on my 3 bare legs. No problem at all!! My next step will be to try getting the bootie off me..... Hmm.....