Monday, April 26, 2010

Dancing with the Brush!

"What's that, Mummy? Is this my new buddy? Why doesn't he bark like me but keeps on making this stupid hissing sound when it moves? I hate him! I wanna bite him!"

(PS: If you aren't able to see the video above, try this link )

Friday, April 23, 2010

Watching TV!

Who says dogs don't know how to watch TV?

Shhhh......don't disturb me. I'm watching my favourite documentary show about Lions! Roarrrr......

Hey guys! Where are you running to? Can I join you?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Holiday Cancelled!

My human family is supposed to go for a short holiday to Bangkok tomorrow. But because of the Red Shirt protest in bangkok, they had no choice but to postpone their trip to September.

Good and bad for me...

GOOD because I'll be able to stay at home with my family and I won't be having heartache missing them. If not, I'll be going to a home boarder where there will be 2 big Golden Retrievers jie jie and kor kor to play with me. Not that I mind as I would have doggie friends to accompany and play with me throughout but I'll still be homesick.

BAD because my human family is planning to go bangkok to buy lots of doggy things for me, harness, collars, ID tag, tasty treats, toys and perhaps some doggy clothes and stuff.... but now that gotta wait and I'm not going to get many, many new presents until september....

Hmm.... hope that the bangkok situation can improve when september comes....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How a lion changes it's hairstyle in 30 minutes......

I'm always very happy when small jiejie came home from school with little surprises for me! This time, she came back with 3 plush toys bought from Daiso (cos' she dun want me to bite her toy husky. Hee....hee).

This is one of the toy named Handsome Lion. Aren't he handsome like me??

After a while, I find that Handsome isn't handsome enough and decided it's time to change his hairstyle and doked his tail. And so, this is Handsome the lion after a mere 30 minutes.....

However, big jiejie and mummy got angry that I had changed Handsome's hairstyle from beautiful mare to what they think are shaggy mare..... and they decided to cut away all his mare to my utter disappointment.. Now, who's making Handsome botak and ugly? It's big jiejie, not me, right?

And now, Handsome looks more like a pig than lion.... Poor Handsome....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey! Play with Me!

Yesterday, Buddy korkor came to our house with his human family. I was being really friendly and with my playful disposition, I wanted to invite him to play with me. However, this lazy Buddy korkor only want to Zzzzz.....

In the first place, he was the one who was bullying me when he first step into my house. Hey! That's my territory! Why you barking? Then me fight back with all my doggy might by barking at the top of my voice scaring him. Hee...hee... and he turns quiet and walk away. Ha...ha.... Below is a video clip of how I provoke the lazy bum to play with me.

(PS: If you aren't able to view the above video, try this link )

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Open the Door.

Don't know why the humans likes to hide behind what they called "door" that are meant to keep us doggies out of view of their doings..... I hate it and using my doggie brain, I've mastered the skill of opening their hiding place!

"Jiejie, can you pleassseee open the door and let me in? I promise to be good boy."

"Jiejie, I already wait very lonnnggggg. Good boy also cannot go in?"

"Ok lor, let me use my doggie brain to explore and try figuring out how this door works...."

"Hmmm....this door moves to one side... Yes! I can open the door by scratching, scratching, scratching harder, harder and bingo!"
(PS: The humans are too shocked thus slow in capturing my final door opening moment. Hee...hee..)

"H1! Daddy, aren't I a clever boy?"