Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scooby on Bags!

In my previous post, I mentioned that my family has been obsessed with putting my cute face on almost everything possible. Guess what! Now I'm one step nearer to being a superstar dog!

Big jiejie bought 2 specially handpainted bags with my cutie-pie face painted on it! One is a present for herself and the other for Small jiejie. Not only that, she's also doing a good deed by helping the stray doggies as the profits from the bags go towards funding the daily necessities of the homeless stray doggies in Singapore.

See! It looks exactly like me right? The painter is really skillful in transferring all my real-life cutiness onto this bag! Now Small jiejie and Big jiejie can show me to everyone they meet on the streets! Hee...hee....proud, proud!

Family Portrait

We went to take a family portrait for Small Jiejie's graduation sometimes last month. Not only Big jiejie, small jiejie and kelvin korkor got to wear the graduation gown and hat, I also got my own gown and hat made by Big jiejie and mummy! See, I also graduated from the Koh's Puppy University!!

Oh, but think I'm a little too black to see my black gown and hat.... Big jiejie, next time do a gown and hat in pink for me ok???

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Liver Treats Baking Day!

Sunday is liver treats baking day and who is more excited none other than our darling Scooby boy!

Liver dried in Food Dryer and ready to be sent to the oven to be baked! Yummy to the doggies but it looks yucky to the humans.

Patiently waiting for Daddy to take the liver out from the food dryer.... Slurp....

"I'll sit nearer to Daddy so that he knows I'm hungry and drooling, and losing my patience soon! Hurry up Daddy!"

Finally the completed product! 

And finally.... after the long wait....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Animals Community Event @ Jurong Point

Small Jiejie and Daddy brought me to the Animals Community Event @ Jurong Point on Saturday. It is so near where we are staying that we had to go and lend our support!! Yeah!!

As usual, we came back with lots of pressies from the event. So happy!! We got some doggie cushions in the free packs but Small Jiejie decided she's going to donate these soft cushions to the poor doggies at Zeus Communication shelter.... Oh no...., but never mind, I shall 'endorsed' them with some of my trademark saliva so they know it's from me! Drip, drip!! Haha!

All the loot from the event.

Snap Shot of me and Small Jiejie taken at the event! Hope I can win the most photogenic doggie!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Upcoming Super Star!

Recently, my human family has been obsessed with putting my cute photos on almost everything possible. This ranges from post cards to cup coasters to CDs and NOW to even the back of their mobile phones!!!

Good gracious me! Looks like there's a Super Star in the making!!