Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Dogs Channel

As everybody knows, I'm a super hyperactive boy who can hardly stay still for a moment except when I'm dog-tired. So the next best thing to do in order to make me keep still, is to switch on the TV Channel - Animal Channel or shows on dogs to be exact. Seeing those furry friends of mine on the screen will definitely keep me sitting still on the sofa for as long as my furry friends appear!

See below video on my TV watching episode!
(Psst: Stupid Big jiejie don't know how to tilt the video screen so you'll just have to contend with watching it sideways!)

"Jiejie, are you filming me or my friends on TV? Who is cuter - my friends or me? (Definitely me!!!) I'll say 'Cheese' for the camera!"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Helpful Guy!

I'm always the ever helpful and friendly gentleman.

See below video!
I'm always so eager to help mummy to fold the clothings, make the bed, hang the clothes and also make the comforter.

"Mummy, daddy, I help you! This comforter is a bit too big to handle for both of you! Some doggy help might be useful!"

The New Goal Keeper!

I love playing ball games with my family. Most often, I will be the goal-keeper whilst my family throws the ball to me. Whether it is a flying ball, rolling ball or jumping ball, I do not mind. I just lovvvveees chasing after balls!

See my superb goal-keeper skill in the video below! I can catch balls even if they are in the air! Aren't I a clever boy?

Updates on my tail condition:
Daddy decided to remove the e-collar on me since last sunday (day after the vet visit) as I was looking really miserable and pathetic and daddy was so heartache that he decided not to torture me anymore. Though, he did warn me that if I'm going to bite my tail again, I'll be back on the e-collar. So I had been trying my best to be a good boy and stop biting my tail (Psst: But I bite when nobody looking cos' it's really itchy and I can't help it!!)

However, now my tail is much, much better and my fur has started growing back slowly. And most importantly, I've gained back my freedom and my naughtiness!! Hee...hee...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tail Infection

Yesterday, I went to the vet again. Actually, the appointment was booked for my annual injection. But since I've been biting my tail recently and the wound had become quite red, my family decided to have the doctor checked on my condition as well.

The result was that I had a tail infection which is quite bad. The doctor got to shave off part of the fur on my tail before they could apply medicine on it. As a result, I've got to put on the really uncomfortable e-collar to forbid me from biting my tail again.

I was scared stiff with the strange thing surrounding my head. When I came back home, I dare not walk just in case I couldn't see and bump myself against the wall. I even need some coaxing before I lie down. I couldn't have a proper sleep because of this strange thing hindering my resting position.

But I'm a really clever boy! After investigating and finding out how this e-collar works, I managed to find a pose that will allow me to lick my tail. Just this morning, I managed to wriggle out and escape from the e-collar. What's the use of the e-collar anyway??

Oh no... how can I bear with this for the next 2 weeks without freedom and my nice fluffy tail???

See my so sad and pathetic look.....

This is my tail now - red and swollen.. No more cotton candy tail...