Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy 1st Barkday!

Today is my 1st Barkday! I'm officially 1 year old in human life and 7 years old in doggie life! Wow, if I'm human, I'll be attending Primary 1 now! Daddy says that by 1 year old, I should be more steady but no, I'm still the very playful and naughty boy! Well, that's good news! At least it shows that I'm still young and enjoying my doggie days!

Small jiejie and Mummy went to Vivo City to get me a birthday lamb pie, more treats and my birthday presents!

Posing for the camera with my birthday pie!

Aiming at the pie whilst Daddy set the table.

Posing with my birthday pie and presents - banana soft toy, ketupat bag and Red Dingo harness with a cheeky smile!

Digging into my delicious birthday pie.

What a mess! Ummgghh... the meat and veggie inside taste better than the pie crust. Small jiejie, next time can order the pie without the crust??

Me with my new Red Dingo Harness. Big jiejie bought me a Red Dingo harness for my birthday as I nearly got lost when my old harness came loose whilst out on my daily walk with Daddy the other day. Now I shall be more secure with the new harness.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Time Grooming!

Yesterday, my family brought me for my first grooming session at Paws House near our home. The lady groomer, Coreen, is a professional groomer who has won the first prize in the Category C grooming competition in 2009 organised by SKC.

I was scared stiff and was shivering with fear throughout the whole ordeal and my tail was down all the time. I was shaking so much that Coreen got to use her legs to stop the table from vibrating. Can't blame me since this was my first professional grooming and I don't know what to expect, right?

On the grooming table... totally scared stiff.

Cut, cut, cut....On the way to being a handsome boy...

Into the bathing tub for a wash-down halfway through the grooming process.

The blow-drying process. The sound from the blower was so horrifying, sounds like vacuum cleaner! Agghhhh! But I've got no place to hide!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Digging for "Gold"??

Digging...digging with all four legs inside the small box...
"Hey Scooby! What are you looking for? Is there gold inside?"

Scooby: "No. It's something better than gold! It's my favourite ball! Hee...hee..."

"Opps! I dropped the ball.."

"Hee..hee.. Jiejie, can you help me retrieve my ball? I'm stuck inside this little box."

Monday, August 16, 2010

Car Ride!

It's another few more days to my 1st barkday and I've really grown up to be a much braver boy! For once, I'm now not afraid of taking car rides. I don't get much carsickness now and have come to enjoy being in the moving car where I can climb high high on my daddy's arms and look out at the whizzing cars outside.

What a beautiful scenery there is outside!

Before starting off.....

Enjoying the scenery along the journey....