Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Scooby!

Stalls selling pet products. And yes we did patronise the stalls there. Daddy bought me my favourite PetHead Shampoo and my Addiction Lamb dry food whilst jiejies bought me a new T-shirt.

And it's time to sniff, sniff backsides and make friends......

"Hey friend, I think you got it wrong. This is a doggie fair and not a horse fair! Are you a horse or a dog???"

Here's my first encounter with the sea, sand and breeze! It was fun teasing the waves but when they rushed up to me,I ran for my dear life!

See video of me playing with the waves!

Guess why I'm so engrossed?

My new Jack Russell friend! Doesn't he looks like Mimi?

And here's my fellow buddies - Papillons!! Everybody was questioning "Why is your papillon so big size ah??" (Psst.... All my fellow papillon friends are only half the size of me. Hahah!!)

And then at 4pm, it's off to the National Dog Walk.... panting...panting....after the dog walk (run??)

After a full day's outing at the beach, we went home and there's another big surprise awaiting me! My birthday pressies and the baked fish that Small Jiejie bought at the fair.

Me with a table full of my birthday presents! Aren't I a very fortunate dog?

"Big jiejie, can I choose my presents now?"

"So many presents....which one should I choose first?"

And this is my birthday dinner. Baked fish.

See me enjoying my dinner. Yummy!

It's modeling time after dinner! See me in my newest T-shirt bought at the fair!

It's truly a wonderful birthday today!