Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CNY 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone! It's the Year of the Goat now!

See my new outfits for the 1st and 2nd day of CNY.

Remember my DRAGON T-shirt from Bangkok? Here's it is on me on 1st day of CNY cozying up with my dear doggie friend.
And here's my Ang Baos from Big Jiejie. Guess what's inside?
See! The happy me munching on my 'Ang Bao' from Big Jiejie - my favourite dental treat.
Yum..yum... YUMMY.
That's about all for the 1st day.

And for the 2nd day, here's my outfit.

Pardon my unglamorous pose..... This was taken super early in the morning when I am still in dreamland.... 
We went house visiting in the afternoon and there's wasn't any photos taken by Small Jiejie....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bangkok - 2015

Daddy and Mummy went on a Bangkok trip last week leaving me with Small Jiejie to take care of each other. But they came back with lots of pressies for me as usual. I'm such a fortunate doggy!

My pressies from Bangkok - 5 shirts  and a BIG box of Dental Treats!
1st T-Shirt - "I Love Mum and Dad"

The jealous Jiejies say - "Why only MUM and DAD, never buy - I LOVE JIEJIES"??
2nd T-Shirt - The DRAGON

"Hey Dad & Mum, this year is supposed to be the GOAT year. Not DRAGON leh!"
3rd T-Shirt - "The Italia Number 9 SOCCER jersey"

My all-time favourite jersies! I've got England, Italy, Brazil ...... Please add on more countries to my collection, my human family!
4th T-Shirt - The Ladybird T

"Help! There's a ladybird on my back!'
The ladybug is actually a mini bag. Small Jiejie say I can put my "toilet roll" inside when I go downstairs poo poo...
But I think I've got a better idea.... I can put my ball ball inside and play downstairs!"
Don't you think it's better?
5th T-Shirt - The Oriental Cheongsum

Hee... this will be my outfit for Chinese New Year this year. I look so studious in this wear, aren't I?
Oh... Daddy, you forgot to buy a pigtail hat for me.... That will have complete my outfit. 
Last but not least, I think you all missed my goofy good looks, right?


Here's a shot of my goofy face! Enjoy!
Cute!!!! Right????