Monday, December 29, 2014

Home Mud Spa

My Christmas gift for this year is a set of Home Mud Spa courtesy of Small Jiejie. Heard from her doing mud spa at home is far cheaper than having mud spa at my usual grooming place.

My Home Spa Kit with 4 different flavors of Mud and the messy hair me!
"Small Jiejie, they look so yummy. Can I taste them afterwards?"
"Small Jiejie, I choose this flavor. Later we try this ok?"
Here I come, Mud Spa-ing!!

Into the tub I go! A.... Jiejie, the bathtub seems a bit too small for me...."
Patiently waiting for the 10 mins to pass.......
"It's not so fun after all.... Jiejie, when I can start moving again? Will I turn to stone?"
Maybe I should just stand up and test whether I can still move or already hardened.
Oh boy.... look at the scrunchy me... This is what I will look like if I have wired hair.
Finally, the 10 minutes is up.......

And after the irritating blow drying process.....

 Finally, I had completed the not-so-fun mud spa....
My fur looks fluffier but my expression had turned to stone becos' I was so scared.... I can't smile now...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Won 2nd PRIZE!!!!

Daddy and Small Jiejie brought me to the Paws and Furs Event at Tanjong Pagar last Sunday and guess what?

I won the 2nd Prize in their Nosey-Sniffing Competition! Aren't I a clever boy? Now Big Jiejie got no excuse to say my nose is spoilt!

This is me on the morning before going to the event..... the so bored and sleepy look.
Small jiejie did not take any photos of me in the nosey sniffing competition. But Daddy did took a photo of me taking part in the Doggies Musical Chairs.
I wasn't paying much attention to the music in the Musical Chair activity. On the contrary, I was busy checking out the pretty Paw friends on stage.

Conclusion was..... I was the first one to be booted out from the Musical Chairs Competition.... What a disgrace....

Anyway, I wasn't a greedy doggie in the first place, am I? I was already very satisfied with getting 2nd Prize in the Nosey-Sniffing Competition! Ah..hem... Psst.... Did Daddy tell you that I got the prize because there were only 3 contestants in the competition? So logically, each of us would definitely go home with 1st, 2nd or 3rd Prize, right? But I am still a proud doggie because I came in 2nd!

As usual, there were photo booths at the event and of course, the three of us got to take a partial family photo!

Get onboard everyone! I'll be your chauffeur today! Are you ready to sit in my cute car?
A more professional photo by the photographer at the booth.
My 2nd Prize Certificate! Daddy, can you please hang it in the living room? *** So proud***
And these are the prizes that come with the 2nd Prize! Towels, shampoo, magazines all in a reusable grocery bag!
And nothing is complete unless there's me in the photo with my prizes! Still so proud (**See the tongue sticking out?) 
Small Jiejie: "Hey! Can you be more modest?"

Ok... What about this demure look? Modest enough?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Presents from Bangkok 2014

Big jiejie just got back from Bangkok and as usual, there is bound to be gifts for me!

This year, I've got the most gifts - 3 shirts and 12 packets of Dental Treats! Yippee!

I'm a happy boy with 12 packets of treats and 3 shirts!
Me in my sailor wear!
Do I look like Popeye in this sailor suit??
An England jersey in No.7! I'm David Beckam!
Oh in my Big jiejie's favourite Disney character - Winnie The Pooh! Cute!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Midweek Blues....

Is it Saturday yet?????

**Tongue hanging out** 

Friday, October 31, 2014

My Homemade Doggie Bed Pillow

Small Jiejie made me a doggie bed aka pillow especially for ME!

It measures approximately 17" x 15" and is of doggie prints cotton fabric.

Here's the completed doggie bed pillow. Nice?
And here's the super cute me trying out the pillow and posing for photo! Hmm, the pillow looks nicer with me on it. Right??
If you are interested in having one especially made for you, do ask your human daddy or mummy or jiejies or korkors to visit here :

My jiejie etsy store also sells lots of felt appliques, bags, craft supplies etc. Do give it a visit!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Paws & Friends Event @ Bishan Park

Last Sunday, Daddy and Small Jiejie brought me to Bishan Park to attend the Paws & Friends event!

I met my Papillion girlfriend at the park. Looks like me (same size) but in brown and white.
My girlfriend checking me out on our first meeting!
And me, checking her out!
Here's a funny photo taken at the event with my Daddy and Small Jiejie!
Small jiejie, you should have put on doggies' ears!
These are the gifts that I received from the goodies bag at the event!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Birthday Gifts + Haircut & Spa

My 5th birthday is fast approaching and my human family had been constantly adding items to my birthday gift basket!

Here's what Big Jiejie bought for me on her trip to Taiwan.
Bunny T-shirt, Superman Bandana and my favourite Dental Treat

The bunny T-shirt and Superman Bandana on me! Nice?

Nice and fit well. A satisfied customer!
And here's what Small Jiejie bought for me from the internet. 
A doggie bathrobe!! Yeah!
Aren't I cute in my bathrobe? Now I can wear it after getting up from the swimming pool!

Big Jiejie and Small Jiejie also bake a human birthday cake for Daddy and supposedly for my birthday as well. But...hmmm... as usual, I can only see and model for the cake but not eat....
Scooby:" Jiejies, why is your cake so slanted? Will it crash on me if I sit nearer?"

Small Jiejie: "Say Cheese, Scooby!"
Scooby: "Where's the cheese?? I don't smell any.... hmm...."
A closer view of the uh...hmmm... 'beautiful' cake by the Jiejies.

And SURPRIZE!!  It's a Rainbow Cake! Though ugly on the outside, the beautiful colours on the inside more or less make up for it... at least.

And I got my annual haircutting ceremony before my birthday too. This time, it comes with a spa!
First, it's a swim in the gigantic hydro bathtub. Hmm... smell nice.
Then, I'm being rubbed all over with mud and they called it the Mud Spa! See my huge eyes filled with lots of question marks! Daddy forbid me to play in the mud but here I am, getting all muddy by the human. So can I play or can I not???

And here's the usual happy me after the haircutting and mud play! Always a satisfied customer at Pet Cove!
Ready for my birthday party!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Purchases and Presents from Dog Events

This is an additional post to my previous Pets Events outings.

My human family bought a lot of goodies for me and here they are!
The goofy me and my yummy goodies!
Big Jiejie also bought a bow tie for me.
The sales proceeds from the bow tie was for sponsoring the food of a kitty named Chestnut at a shop called Cats Socretes at Bras Brasah Complex.

It's a bit blurry but you can see from the placard. It says "Chestnut Merchandise"
And this is Chestnut, the kitty, whom we are sponsoring for! Aren't he cute???
But then! Who can be cuter than ME!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Club Pets Event @ Scape & Pets & Friends Event @ Serangoon CC

Yesterday had been a busy day for me. Daddy and Small Jiejie brought me to 2 Pets Events in 1 day.
In the morning, we went to the Club Pets Event at Scape Orchard. Of course being a pets event, there were lots of my doggie friends there. There's also quite a number of my doggie friends looking for their forever homes.
Stranger : "Puppy, shake hands. What a clever puppy!!!"
Scooby : Chey..... shake hands so easy. I also know."
Stranger : "Ok! Now's your turn. Shake hands."
Scooby - No reaction.......
Stranger : ?????
I also saw my same breed friend - Papillion.
Papillion Friend: "Help Mummy, quick carry me!!! I'm being molested by the Spiderman!!"
Am I so terrifying?? Why is everyone so perky when I came close?  **Scratch head**
There's also a big fat Chow Chow whom is so fluffy looking that it looks like a cross between a teddy bear and a lion.

Small Jiejie bought this doggy keychain - One for me & one for Big Jiejie. This is for donation to the Guide Dog Society.
Later in the afternoon, we went home for a change of clothes (so vain...) before attending another Pets & Friends Event at Serangoon CC.
It looked like there was a zillion of my friends at the event! Big and small, fat and thin, and in all sorts of colours and shapes.
Initial meeting....a very good mannered doggy..
whom then proceed to know more about me after getting my permission.

Daddy : "Urmmm.... Scooby, but I don't think you are as polite and good mannered. You stuck your head behind other doggy's backside even before permission was granted.  Uh..oh."

Scooby : "Hey friend! My tail is not a cotton candy ball! It's not edible!"
Scooby: "Opps... Oh dear, your nose is so short. I accidentally kiss your eyes when all I wanna do is to give your nose a nuzzle."
Scooby: "Hey! I saw another friend in a jersey number same as mine! We are Number 10!!"
And this is a very girly schnauzer! Scooby gonna tackle gals again!
Scooby: "Hi Pretty Lady! You look so sexy in this skirt. Wanna be friends?
(Schnauzer looking at floor)
Scooby: "Come on! Don't be shy!"

Oh, and by shape and size, I mean THIS!!! For god's sake! Is this a Panda Bear or a doggy? Think he can work part time as a double in the zoo imitating Jiajia and Kaikai if the Pandas ever need a break!
After a hard day of meeting new friends under the scorching sun, we didn't went home empty handed. Small Jiejie bought me 2 new shirts - a Stitch hood shirt and an Argentina jersey! Yeah yeah!!
My Argentina jersey! Why is it Number 10 again???
But anyway got new t shirt! Who cares! Why is my face so handsome!
And this is my new STITCH hood jacket! Hee....
Scooby: "Small Jiejie, don't you think I look like Stitch too in this jacket???"