Monday, January 30, 2012

CNY 2012 House Visiting

As usual, my human family brought me for CNY house visiting every year and this year is no exception. However, I've made a new doggie friend (cousin) at one of the human's relative house. His name is Charcoal and though we met last CNY, he wasn't let out to play with me thus we were still strangers then.

Surprisingly, this year, he was allowed to be let out into the living room and that was when we discover a new friendship between us! However, Charcoal was a bit of a pest who liked to follow me wherever I went. It was irritating at times but we still had a happy time!

See how attached Charcoal was to me! He kept on wanting to smell my backside and begging Mummy to let me down even when I'm in Mummy's hands! Help!! Molester on the prowl!

See how Charcoal kept sticking to me like superglue around the garden. See you next CNY, Charcoal!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reunion Dinner 2012

Last friday night, my human family had a reunion dinner with me included, of course!

Me, the VIP, at the table waiting happily for the boatie dinner to start before the humans were sitted.

I heard the human said they were going to have steamboat. "Yippee! Daddy, are we going on a boat ride??" But alas, we did not go for any boatie ride afterall.... But anyway, the 'boat' didn't turn out to be that bad. It was a pot filled with lots of yummy hot food with smoke (aka steam)coming out of it (the chimney of the boat??) Did I say yummy?? Yes, I did get to have my share of the reunion boatie dinner of fish and meatballs. Though, that turned out to be a bit too much and me, for the first time, turned my nose away from the good food due to BURP, too full whilst the rest of the human family continued with their feast.

Can you see the smoke bellowing from the boat? It smells nice!

"Daddy, can I have that ball ball floating in the boat, please?"

"Thanks Daddy! That was yummy!"

A contented me after the dinner!