Monday, July 30, 2012

CATS Classified Pets Corner

I'm featured in the CATS Classified Pets Corner in The Sunday Times yesterday!

This entry was submitted by Small & Big Jiejie longggg time ago. But sad to say I didn't get to win S$50.00 for my entry. Never mind, will try again next time!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Doggie Event @ Katong Park

Last Sunday, we went to a very small doggie event at Katong Park. We lost our way there as Small Jiejie's GPS brought us to East Coast Park Big Splash when she keyed in Katong Park. We searched a long time under the hot hot sun and finally realized that Katong Park was opposite East Coast Park. Though we finally found the place but many doggies might have lost their way and give up as the event was pitiful with only few doggies.

Nevertheless, there was free photography on that day and here's the family portrait although my dearest mummy is missing as she's working.

Since there was nothing much to see, do and most importantly, no free goodies bag for doggies, we went to the Dog Run. Here, we saw my papillion girlfriend!

Aren't she cute! Oh, btw, she's only 8 months old and very tiny, not like me so BIG SIZE! But Big Jiejie still say I'm the CUTEST of them all!!  How jiejie wish I could sit still like her when I'm outside.

Who say I can't sit still?? Ok lor.... I sit still and let you take photo of my cheeky face..
Big Jiejie  : But your sitting posture not so nice leh. Can sit more nicely like your girlfriend?
Scooby     : I'm manly mah! That's why I've gotta sit like this and not dainty as a girl girl.

Enough criticizing my sitting posture. Let's get on with saying hello and 'exchanging namecards' with my big friends! Yah, no more small dainty friends for me. I like big strong friends like me! Haha!

That's what I call Big Boys Talk!

Oh btw, just a photo of my junior at Pasir Ris Pet Farm which we visited last saturday. She's also a local breed papillion but only 3/4 the size of me. Cute but still me cuter!

She's still waiting for her forever home... Hope that special somebody will bring her home soon... Good luck junior!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Doggie Event @ The Pinnacles Duxton

Daddy and Small Jiejie brought me to the doggie event at The Pinnacles Duxton on sunday. It's a small 3hrs event at the basketball court of Singapore's highest HDB flats which is 50-storey high!!

There, I got to mingle with lots of doggie friends and guess what, I met a papillon that looks like me!

Aren't he cute? But on 2nd thoughts, I'm cuter!!

I supposed he is younger than me. His ears looks exactly like mine after I went for my barber hair cut. A bit nerdy nerdy. Hahah!

There were other cute and friendly doggies which I made friends with such as....

Hey handsome, you want to friend friend me?

It was fun meeting new friends! Hope Small Jiejie will bring me to more such outings.