Monday, April 30, 2012

New Bicycle Basket Ride!

Daddy decided to upgrade his old, old bicyle so that he can cycle to work again. He changed the basket and tyres. Basket! Yes, a new basket that's big enough to accomodate me! That means soon, I'll be able to accompany Daddy on his short trips around the neighbourhood!

Yippee!! Trying out the basket... Hmmm.... very comfortable and just the right size for me!

See, I can lie down and look at Daddy whilst he's cycling. So romantic.....

Hee....hee...hee... Small jiejie, don't envy me... You can't get in the basket and you can't go gai gai with Daddy on the bicycle!! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bangkok Trip 2012

Mummy and Big Jiejie went to Bangkok again from 07-11 April. They are now back home with lots of things for ME!!!

See the happy me posing with all my pressies!!

A close-up view of all my pressies. There's lots of treats, clothes and opps, Small Jiejie, you forgot to take photo of my ball balls!

Small jiejie, where you keep my ball balls? Why can't I find them?

These are all my new clothings! Nice? I shall model each of them to show you!

This is my Superman Tee! I'm the SuperDog!

My 'Puma' Tee with the leaping dog, not leopard!

My Spiderman Tee!

My jersey with the number 10!

My Adidas Tee! Wait a minute..... This is an Adidog Tee for dogs of course!

My Stars & Stripes Tee with a hood!

And finally, my very first jumper suit! Nice?