Saturday, July 27, 2013

Now & Then

Soon, I will be turning 4 years old! In doggies years, I'll be a young adult at 28 years old! A handsome lad indeed. Don't you agree??

I've grown so much and maybe all of you might have forgotten how I looked like when I first came home to my family. So here's a comparison of my younger self and now an undeniable handsome lad!

 A few differences of me :

  • My nose has noticeably turn from pink to black over the years
  • The hair on my ears are starting to look more and more like the trademark papillon's butterfly ears
  • I've grown fatter and longer (That's for sure!)

BUT!!! I'm still the forever cute, hyperactive, super handsome and cheeky Scooby!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Bed!

This is an outdated post about my 'new' bed. It had been about a month since Small Jiejie and Daddy bought me a new bed from a pets warehouse sale.

This bed is supposed to be used concurrently with my old strawberry bed which Small Jiejie finds it too girly for a burly guy like me!

I'm a rather rough guy and tends to flip the inner cushion of the strawberry bed upside down. This new bed is different! The base cushion has its side tucked neatly beneath the sides and thus not so easy for me to dig it out.

Anyway, here's me trying out my blue boyish round snowflakes bed. Cool!!

It really fits me perfectly! See! I can curl up and sleep and there's still space left for my nose, paws and tail!

Night night guys! I'm too lazy to even get out of bed now! Serve my breakfast and treats in bed please!

Monday, July 15, 2013

My First Swim!

Small Jiejie & Daddy brought me to a Pet Event at Jurong West yesterday. There was a big inflatable swimming pool just for doggies!

As I didn't have any prior experience in swimming, daddy was worried that I might be scared and couldn't swim. However, upon indicating his fears to the instructor at the pool (a SAF Dog Trainer), they agreed to let me try and see my reactions.

Daddy's fears were unfounded. I took to the water like a fish! Yes, all doggies are born swimmers. See! I can swim laps!

According to the instructor, I have superb stamina. I can swim in the pool for almost 20min! In the end, I'm the only doggie left swimming whilst all the others gave up and went home.

The instructor was worried that I might be too tired from all that fun in the pool and decided to grab and hold me so that I could rest for a moment. However, I didn't appreciate his efforts and kept on paddling with all my mights.

"I'm not tired at all! Please let me go! I wanna swim some more!"

Since I enjoyed my swim so much, Daddy and Small Jiejie decided to bring me back in the afternoon for a 2nd round of swimming.

But this time, maybe I was tired from the morning swim, I can only swim in circles until the instructor said he was feeling giddy from seeing me circling the pool!

"Opps! I got molested whilst swimming in the pool! I know I'm handsome and cute, but please try to keep your hands off my backside!" (Trying to avoid going near the molester for the rest of the swim.)

"I'm so proud of myself! Do I look like a mermaid in the water? Or a black dolphin in a performing pool with all those eyes oogling at me and cameras clicking away?"

"Huh? I think I just heard someone call me a ballerina in water."

"My ears are wet from all that swimming. Anybody has a hairdryer to lend me?"

It's not a totally doggie event. There's this super cute gigantic rabbit whom everyone is oogling at! 
"Hey bunny friend. Think you need a swim more than I do to trim all your fats!"