Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bicycle Ride or Basket Ride?

I love going "gai-gai" (going for walks) downstairs to meet my doggie friends! There's Mimi, the female Jack Russell (who turns and run away when she saw me! Am I so scary??), Foxy, the male long-haired Chihuahua (who barks at me but I don't want to play with him cos' of his small size - no fun..), the very fat male white Maltese (who is too fat and can't run so how to play??) and recently, I've found a new girlfriend - April the Miniature Schnauzer. She's the only one who matches my size and height and will gladly run and play with me!

Daddy says that I cannot walk properly like other dogs. I keep on pulling on the leash and it was very tiring to walk me! So what is the solution?

Riding in the bicycle basket??

Or in the laundry basket??

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bangkok Trip

Hi everybody!

My family had just got back from their Bangkok trip and I was home-boarding at the 2 big golden retrievers korkor and jiejie's home.

Initially, when I went to their house, I was very nervous and refused to relax, walking up and down the whole house. When I tried smelling the golden retriever korkor, his big happy wagging tail swung and hit my little head! But never mind, soon I managed to settle in and made friends with them. The golden retriever korkor is the friendliest dog that I've ever seen! He will never fail to greet everyone who came to his house by bringing his toy and sharing them with you!

Look what my family bought for me on their Bangkok trip! Treats, toys, clothings and a bed!

Me in my new dog bed! A strawberry!

My first new clothing! There's 3 altogether but big jiejie only remember to take me in 1 of them!
Aren't I handsome?

These are the 3 T-shirts that my family bought for me!