Monday, December 31, 2012

My Christmas Present - New Dog Tag!

Small jiejie got me a new doggie tag as my Christmas pressie!

See my new tag with a photo of the handsome me! Now if I got lost, someone will know whom to contact and help me find my family!

A photo of me wearing my new doggie tag!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hamburger Scooby

It's been a boring week as Small Jiejie was sick with diarrhoe thus there's no chance to go out over the weekend.

So what do the humans do during these few cold, rainy days?

They try making a 'hamburger' out of me!

What to do? I've got to do my job in entertaining the humans for more treat treats!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dogs Event @ Ulu Pandan CC

Hmmm... there's nothing much to blog about this event because all the doggies that went there have only 1 reason to be there. And that is to take part in the doggies' obedience, agility and talent contests.

But we saw a very intelligent Border Collie demonstrating dancing with frisbies at the event with his owner.

Wow! The doggie can 'fly'! Clever doggie!

A photo of me and Small Jiejie at the booth. We got a deflatable bowl for uploading this photo to facebook.

This is me with Daddy. We thought we could get another deflatable bowl for Banjo with this photo but the person say only dogs physically present at the event can received the bowl....

Visit to Banjo on 14 Oct 2012 with Buddy

We visited Banjo again last Sunday and this time, the very fierce Buddy tagged along with his human siblings.

Buddy will always be Buddy, he is still the very unfriendly Buddy. He can't even get along with the super friendly, big sized Banjo. Hai....

It was hard work trying to get all 3 handsome doggies to take a group photo.

See! Buddy got scolded by his human sister for being naughty and unfriendly. Me and Banjo are sniggling at him!

Finally, we made it! A group photo of the 3 handsome and smiley boys!

And here's a very cute photo of Banjo's happy face! Who can resist such a cute face other than mine!

Pet's Day Out @ Henderson

Last saturday, Daddy and Small Jiejie brought me to yet another doggie event called Pet's Day Out @ Henderson.

I met a lot of doggie friends there and got loads of goodies but they are meant for Banjo and his friends at the Doggie Daycare Centre. See how generous I am, I just reserved the yummy treat treats and gave the rest of the dry food to Banjo. Hee..hee...

"Hey, don't run away! Let's be friends!"

"Why nobody's interested in being friends with me? Aren't I handsome?"

"Oh well.... forget it. The girls are stuck to the macho Golden Retriever... Shall go find other girlfriends elsewhere."

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cozy Blankie

It's been raining and the temperature is usually cooler at this time of the year. It's so nice to be home sneaking a snuggle in .... Small Jiejie's bed.

"Small jiejie's blankie is so much more comfy than mine! Jiejie, can we share share this blankie??"

"Nooo... Small Jiejie, I won't get off the bed. I'll sleep here tonight."

"Even if you pull the blankie off, I'm not going to let it go!"

 "No use staring at me... I've decided to claim the blankie as mine!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Visit to Banjo

Recently, Big jiejie rescued an abandoned doggie who was found sitting and waiting at the bus stop near her workplace. The sad looking doggie seems to be waiting for his owner to appear. However, he had been waiting and waiting for more than 24 hours and nobody came back for him. On pitying him, Big jiejie and Small jiejie went back in the night with my leftover rice and chicken, dry food and water for him. Yes, jiejies say I so fussy eater. Other doggies so poor thing no food to eat and here I am, super choosy boy.

See the very scared look on the doggie named Banjo's face. Out in the open late at night with nobody around and fear of other ferocious stray dogs attacks.

The next morning, Banjo was still waiting at the bus stop when Big jiejie alight from the bus. Banjo recognized Big jiejie and followed her to her factory. From then, he refused to leave the factory, not even to step outside the factory's gate. However, Big jiejie's boss don't like dogs and she had no choice but to seek help to look for a temporary fosterer for him before finding him a good home. As he is not microchipped, there's no way we can know who his previous owner is. However, we knew from the vet that he is currently about 6 months old. Oh.... such a pitifully young puppy...

The playful and inquisitive Banjo

The happy Banjo going on a car ride to his fosterer's place
For now, he is being boarded at a fosterer's doggie daycare centre and we visited him last sunday.

I went for a walk with him and other doggies staying at the daycare centre.
This is Banjo and Me! We looks alike as we are both BLACK and WHITE!! But Banjo is more blackie and me more whitie!

That were the looks of the other doggies at the Daycare Centre when they saw Banjo outside of the centre.
They seemed to be saying "Why can't we go out too??"

Handsome Banjo exploring the tree

The pack walk with the other doggies

After the visit to Banjo, Daddy and Small jiejie brough me to Bishan Park Dog Run to play with yet another batch of doggies! It's truly a doggie's day out for me!

Playing with my doggy friends at Bishan Park.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bishan Park on 22 Sep 2012

When Daddy, Mummy & Small Jiejie went to Taiwan for holiday in September, Big Jiejie came over to take care of me.

She and Kelvin Korkor brought me to Bishan Park. It was a huge park and I was totally tired out with the hour long walk.

Halfway, I had to find myself a bench to rest before continuing with exploring the park.

Half Time!! That was me looking shacked but super happy resting on a bench. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My 2nd Round of Pressies from Taiwan!

This time, it's Daddy, Mummy and Small jiejie's turn to go Taiwan and they came back with many many pressies for me!

See! There's many clothings and harnesses for me!

This is my handmade ribbon collar. Nice?

This is my blue angel harness. Now with the wings, I look more like a sweet little angel than the naughty little devil right?

(PS: Big jiejie say Noooo... with wings or no wings, still the same naughty little Scooby.) Hai....

And this is my new step-in harness! Now it will be easier for me to wear my harness.

And this is my first Addidog raincoat! Now there's no excuse for Daddy not to bring me downstairs when it's raining!!

Oh, now can play peek-a-boo with the raincoat hood!

This is my 2nd jumpsuit. Oh my, don't I remind you of the clown in the circus with the jumper suit, thick red sausage lips and white face (though my face is black! haha!)

A happy clowny smile for you!

This is another denium pants with suspender over a singlet!
Small jiejie, I look like an Ah Beng in this outfit leh!

But I'm a very cute Ah Beng aren't I??

I'm such a fortunate doggie as I received the most pressies from my family's holiday trips than other humans!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Off Booties Off...

These days, I've been busy trying to find a way to undo those ugly booties that Small jiejie tie around my pretty paws. I'm now having some idea of how to get rid of them. Just that I need some more teeth strength. Now I'll have some excuse for Daddy to buy me more treat treats.

"Daddy, I need to strengthen my teeth. Can you buy more chewy bone bones for me to practise?"

Or will some kind souls out there please help me....???

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Homemade Booties

I've been licking my paws very often till they are saliva-stained and my human family is super irritated by my action. So what do they do?

They made 'booties' for me! Neah..... that wasn't a very good idea and not what I wanted..... They tried on one of my paws and warned that if I continue to lick my other paws, they will be all bandaged up too ....

See the helpless look on my face.....Hai....
Though it's a little inconvenient to me but nevertheless being the smart doggie, I can still jump, play and run on my 3 bare legs. No problem at all!! My next step will be to try getting the bootie off me..... Hmm.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My 3rd Barkday!

How time flies! Now I'm a year older at 3yrs old! But I'm still the funny, silly and hyperactive, not to mention naughty doggie!

As usual, I get my annual haircut before my birthday. It's a 'present' from my human family. A.... but I rather they gave me some other 'present' other than the scary haircut session. Big jiejie always complain that I look so super nerdy after my hair session but this time, I think I still look handsome. What you think?

I also get a special complimentary dinner which Small Jiejie applied for from her pets magazine. It's fried rice. Hmm... the rice taste quite good except the peas which I picked out one by one. *shake head, shake head* What a fussy food taster......

Now to actual pressies I get from my human family! Exciting! I've got 3 new clothings and 2 collars (one is a necktie and the other a dog bone bandana) from Big jiejie and Kelvin korkor's trip to Taiwan. Daddy, mummy and Small jiejie gave me many packets of my favourite treat treats and a 3 headed toothbrush. Yummy but at the same time, they must think I'll get a smelly mouth after eating the treats, that's why they bought the toothbrush and toothpaste set....

This bandana got a bone bone in the pocket. Let me try to take out the bone bone....

Me trying out all my fine clothings!

1) My boney bandana

2) My Necktie

3) My 'Barkberry' Shirt

4) My 'Bad to the Bone' T-shirt. Big jiejie says this suits me super well! Hmm... am I so bad????

5) Lastly, my Paul Frank hooded T-shirt. Yay!

Hehe! Don't I look cute with my ears under the hood?

Woof woof! Thank you for all your happy barkday wishes! Although I had my ears covered but I can still hear you!!