Sunday, March 28, 2010

Untying the Knot.....

When nobody is free to play fetch or tug-of-war with me, what do I do?? Try untying the knot.....

"Hmmm...this knot sure is tricky. Let me try untying it."

"I should change another position to get a better bite."

"This sure is a stubborn knot! Try harder"

"Maybe upside down is better?"

"Why aren't you helping me instead of looking at me?"

"Ok, you win. I'll pose for you whilst bitting my knot."

"Hai...I give up. Take all you want... tired..."

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Toy! - Tug of War

Yesterday, Small jiejie bought me a new toy!! Yippee! It's a rope toy and I had so much fun playing tug of war with her! Let me teach you how to play tug-of-war with the humans...

See, you can play tug of war sitting down.....

Or lying down sideway ....

Or bracing yourself on all fours.....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anybody Out There??

"Daddy, where are you? When will you be back??"

"Hellooooo....anybody out there??"

"Let me out! I wanna get out to look for daddy!!"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yummy Home-Cooked Food

I've having soft poo and LS since I came to my family. My family was scared that I have worms in my stomach and had already brought me to the vet twice since then. The first time, the vet said that my loss of fur on my legs could be due to allergic reaction to my current Eukanuba Puppy food which contains beef. I could be allergic to some other common food like chicken, beef, eggs, milk and cheese. So my family decided to change my diet to ANF Fish & Potato, courtesy of my cousin - Buddy korkor, a Japanese Spitz cos he tried and rejected the food and I became his rubbish bin, helping him to clear up his food so no waste!! Taste not bad what!!

However, my soft poo situation did not improve any better although I started growing some fur on my legs. I was brought to the vet again the 2nd time after nearly 1 month. This time round, the vet recommended changing my diet to home-cooked food or try Addiction dry kibbles to see what I'm allergic to. Hee...heee... Thanks to the vet's advice, my family let me try another foodie - Addiction Lamb Le Puppy and I also happily gobble them up. Seems like I'm really a rubbish bin!!

Another good news is that my big jiejie also decided to try home-cooked food for me! Yippeee!! I've got to taste real meat and veggies! Yummy!!

Below is a typical dinner for me:

  • Chicken drumstick sans the bones

  • Mashed Potatoes

  • Mashed Pumpkins

  • Mashed Broccoli

  • Pasta

Before this, big jiejie cooked for me pork with mashed potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and rice/pasta but she forgot to take photo of it before me gobbling them up !

Hope to enjoy more home-cooked food!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First CNY at my new house!

I'm Scooby, the male papillon. My big jiejie has finally decided to get down and seriously create my own blog after seeing many doggies blogs set up by their owners.
Yeh! I'm also happy as I can share my life runtings and surprises with all of you!

For a start, just to show you my cute puppy face and my first photo taken on the 1st day of CNY 2010. This is also my 3rd day with my new family.
A little history about me....
I was previously bought from a pet farm by a beautiful lady and her family and wow! I thought, I've really met my lucky stars as I'll be living in a big house with a big garden for me to romp in! However, 2 weeks later, luck soon ran out, the lady's husband developed an allergy. To me??? So the next thing I know, the lady put up an ad in The Classified Times in the hope of helping me look for a new family.'s only been 2 weeks of fun and just getting to know the family and now, I've got to start getting used to a new family....
But I'm not that unlucky afterall!! My current daddy chanced upon the ad in the newspaper and called up the lady and after a day's wait, the lady finally decided that my daddy was the best choice for me! And so big jiejie brought me home with her colleague in her small, small car on 11 Feb 2010 and here I am with my new family members - daddy, mummy, big jiejie and small jiejie!
A few days prior to adopting me, my current family rescued a lost 7 years old female papillon and had been looking after her for 5 days before she was reunited with her family. They were very sad and couldn't bear to part with the papillon jiejie. And so decided to start looking around for a papillon to adopt or buy.
According to them, the female papillon jiejie was very, very, very obedient as compared to me - naughty, naughty boy! But I can't help it! I'm still a puppy after all, right???
Ok, will try to be nicer and more obedient next time....hee..hee...if there's treats around only!

Bye for now! Will try to update my blog soon, soon!