Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My 3rd Barkday!

How time flies! Now I'm a year older at 3yrs old! But I'm still the funny, silly and hyperactive, not to mention naughty doggie!

As usual, I get my annual haircut before my birthday. It's a 'present' from my human family. A.... but I rather they gave me some other 'present' other than the scary haircut session. Big jiejie always complain that I look so super nerdy after my hair session but this time, I think I still look handsome. What you think?

I also get a special complimentary dinner which Small Jiejie applied for from her pets magazine. It's fried rice. Hmm... the rice taste quite good except the peas which I picked out one by one. *shake head, shake head* What a fussy food taster......

Now to actual pressies I get from my human family! Exciting! I've got 3 new clothings and 2 collars (one is a necktie and the other a dog bone bandana) from Big jiejie and Kelvin korkor's trip to Taiwan. Daddy, mummy and Small jiejie gave me many packets of my favourite treat treats and a 3 headed toothbrush. Yummy but at the same time, they must think I'll get a smelly mouth after eating the treats, that's why they bought the toothbrush and toothpaste set....

This bandana got a bone bone in the pocket. Let me try to take out the bone bone....

Me trying out all my fine clothings!

1) My boney bandana

2) My Necktie

3) My 'Barkberry' Shirt

4) My 'Bad to the Bone' T-shirt. Big jiejie says this suits me super well! Hmm... am I so bad????

5) Lastly, my Paul Frank hooded T-shirt. Yay!

Hehe! Don't I look cute with my ears under the hood?

Woof woof! Thank you for all your happy barkday wishes! Although I had my ears covered but I can still hear you!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Advance Barkday Cake

Daddy and my birthday are both in August and this year, we had a birthday cake for BOTH of us! But it's so unfair, Daddy get to eat the cake but I can only share the cake by taking photos with it..... It's a human cake and not a doggie cake... hmmm....

See, the cake says "Happy Birthday Francis (Daddy) & Scooby (Me)!

Hmm... the cake looks yummy! Glurp.. Too bad I can only see and no touch.

Small Jiejie, are you done taking photos, I want to get down and play. It's no fun when I can't eat the cake..