Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Paws & Friends Event @ Bishan Park

Last Sunday, Daddy and Small Jiejie brought me to Bishan Park to attend the Paws & Friends event!

I met my Papillion girlfriend at the park. Looks like me (same size) but in brown and white.
My girlfriend checking me out on our first meeting!
And me, checking her out!
Here's a funny photo taken at the event with my Daddy and Small Jiejie!
Small jiejie, you should have put on doggies' ears!
These are the gifts that I received from the goodies bag at the event!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Birthday Gifts + Haircut & Spa

My 5th birthday is fast approaching and my human family had been constantly adding items to my birthday gift basket!

Here's what Big Jiejie bought for me on her trip to Taiwan.
Bunny T-shirt, Superman Bandana and my favourite Dental Treat

The bunny T-shirt and Superman Bandana on me! Nice?

Nice and fit well. A satisfied customer!
And here's what Small Jiejie bought for me from the internet. 
A doggie bathrobe!! Yeah!
Aren't I cute in my bathrobe? Now I can wear it after getting up from the swimming pool!

Big Jiejie and Small Jiejie also bake a human birthday cake for Daddy and supposedly for my birthday as well. But...hmmm... as usual, I can only see and model for the cake but not eat....
Scooby:" Jiejies, why is your cake so slanted? Will it crash on me if I sit nearer?"

Small Jiejie: "Say Cheese, Scooby!"
Scooby: "Where's the cheese?? I don't smell any.... hmm...."
A closer view of the uh...hmmm... 'beautiful' cake by the Jiejies.

And SURPRIZE!!  It's a Rainbow Cake! Though ugly on the outside, the beautiful colours on the inside more or less make up for it... at least.

And I got my annual haircutting ceremony before my birthday too. This time, it comes with a spa!
First, it's a swim in the gigantic hydro bathtub. Hmm... smell nice.
Then, I'm being rubbed all over with mud and they called it the Mud Spa! See my huge eyes filled with lots of question marks! Daddy forbid me to play in the mud but here I am, getting all muddy by the human. So can I play or can I not???

And here's the usual happy me after the haircutting and mud play! Always a satisfied customer at Pet Cove!
Ready for my birthday party!