Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bow Tie!

Mummy and big jiejie made a bow tie for me today using their new sewing machine!

Aren't it cute?

Me with my new bow tie sitting smartly on the big black armchair! Am I handsome?

Another photo of me with my "as usual" cute innocent model look!

**Psst... Daddy say I look like a girl/sissy with the pink bow. Mummy, next time do a more masculine bow tie for me okay?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Girl Next Door

This is a very late post which big jiejie promised to help me upload. She promised to show my girlfriend from next door - The Puppy Girl!

And no, she's no longer the tiny puppy girl from 4 months ago! She has now grown up to be bigger in size than me and she's a real barky dog who barks at everybody who pass by her gate!! But, funny thing is.... she's totally scared of me! So want to know how to stop her from her noisy barking?

Answer: Just let me appear in front of her gate! She will immediately stop barking, run and hide in her kitchen whenever she sees me!! Am I so scary?? I'm just a friendly little guy who wants to say "Hi" to my neighbours!

Guess what Scooby is looking at?

His girlfriend next door - The Puppy Girl

She has grown from a tiny little girl to now, a gigantic girl in just 4 months!
Picture on right was taken last month and by now, her latest size is much larger than this! what has she been stuffing herself??

Thursday, October 14, 2010


My family says I'm a good natured, "happy-go-lucky" or simply "bo-chap" boy who don't mind people disturbing me (though more often it's me who disturb people, hee..hee..). Anyone can touch me anywhere - teeth, ears, nose etc and I won't even growl or snap at them. What a friendly boy I am, right?

Yes, I know, if not for my hyperactive character, maybe I'll be a suitable candidate for a volunteer therapy dog at those old folks homes where I can bring joy to the people there! But, I can't even sit still for a minute once I'm outside the house, so how can old people catch up with me?? Okay, forget it...

Here, my family disturbs me by making me be a superman and I don't even mind or realize until...

Hey, mummy! What's that on my back?