Monday, June 23, 2014

Swimming @ Sun Petgamart

It's a long time since my family brought me swimming. This time, we went to Sun Petgamart. The pool here was HUGE!! I was already panting after my 3rd lap. And it was only then that this crazy Small Jiejie remembered that she hadn't took a video of me swimming. Thus, no choice, for the sake of the camera, I was forced to take another lap in the pool just for her!

Big Jiejie commented that I looked like the wind-up duckie toy(below) that peddles in the water when the knot is turned.
And here's a great photo of the handsome me with my buddy - Doggie, though uhhmmm, you can't see his head cos' it got crushed by my sexy legs.
Another photo of the sleepy head ME sharing a cozy moment with my buddy - Doggie, again. Lucky, I'm as slim as my buddy. If not, we won't be able to share a chair for naps.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Celebrating Human Family Birthdays @ Sun Ray Cafe

3/4 of my human family's birthdays fall in June and by 3/4, I mean the 3 ladies in the family - Mummy, Big Jiejie & Small Jiejie. The guys in the family, meaning me and my Daddy, have our birthdays in August! That's super easy to remember and celebrate!
Anyway. we went to Sun Ray Café to have birthday celebration lunch. Yap. Sun Ray Café is a dog friendly café and I met tons of doggie friends there. But, Small jiejie was eagerly looking at all the handsome doggies - big and small, that she had forgotten to take photos of me mingling with them.
It wasn't until my food was served AND eaten that they remembered to take photos of me at the café......
Scooby: "What??!! I can't believe I'd just finished my food!" It's such a small portion and I completely licked it clean
No need to wash bowl."
Now comes the time to disturb people and try my luck in sneaking some food from them.....

Scooby: "Daddy, is your food nice?? Can let me try?"
Daddy: "Where's your food?"
Scooby: "Urrr.....hmmm.... it's inside my tummy.."
Scooby: "Hmmm.... Small Jiejie, your drink smells nice! What's that? Can I have a sip?"
Small Jeijie: "NO.... This is not for doggie."
Hai.... conclusion... better luck next time.