Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Old is GOLD event

Daddy and Small Jiejie registered me for the Old is Gold event last Sunday. Hmmmm.... even though I am still a few months short of 6 years old (which is the event requirement for dogs to be above 6 years old), my human family still went ahead and made me older by filling in 6 years in the registration form so that I can qualify. Why aren't there  IC for dogs too??? OMY, I am an old uncle now.... But the youngest uncle at the event!
Anyway, it was a rather hot afternoon for the walkathon event. Whoever finishes the 1.8km walk (aka run) will get a Gold medal. Yap. That medal states 'Old is Gold'. A reminder of my age again.... However, it is also a support to older dogs that they should be treasured more by humans. Old doesn't mean useless and forgotten. It just means that we are wiser but we never lost our luster and naughtiness! Not me!
Resting on the bench halfway through the walk/run. Still smiling!
Meeting a new friend at the resting point. Hello there! Confirm you are older than me! Haha!
Another uncle friend! A handsome guy like me!
Psst.... oh dear Small jiejie, please push the pram away. That's cheating! Don't tell anybody I sat in the pram during the walkathon. We are supposed to walk the entire 1.8km!
**Lose face**
My beautiful pal! Hi Auntie!
Yeah! We had finally completed the walk! 1.8km to boot! See my gold medal?
At home with my gold medal still around my neck. So proud of myself! Ahem.
Photo for memory sake of my first walkathon number tag and my gold medal!
A funny photo of me looking like cock-eyed!
As usual, there was a photo booth at the event and we won't give up the chance to have a wefie! But I was too engrossed with my friend that I didn't look at the camera.