Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Visit to Banjo After His 2nd Rescue

We visited Banjo again at the doggie daycare centre last saturday. He was being rescued a second time after being adopted by a family. Initially, we were very happy that he was being adopted into a family with a garden for him to roam in. However, things did not turn out well...

He was being abused by the family especially the daddy who used cane on him and gave him poor quality food and refused to spend money on taking care of him. Banjo was once again rescued by ASD volunteers after they went for home visit and found Banjo being abused.

We are really grateful to the ASD volunteers for rescuing him in the nick of time before any further damage could be done to him.

So here we are at the doggie daycare centre again where Banjo is currently being fostered. We are very happy that he still recognized us after 3 months of not seeing each other. He whined when he saw us and barked a few times at me! Hee.... that shows that he still recognized me as his friend friend. 

When we walked past Small Jiejie's car, he wagged his tail and wanted to jump up the car as if he recognized the car too! The car which rescued him, brought him to the vet and to the current doggie daycare centre.

Our wish for 2013 is for him to find a good forever home soon. Hope our wish will be fulfilled.

There's the smiley Banjo for you! Of course, with the cute cute me too! I looked so tiny beside the big boy Banjo.

Still the very polite Banjo who knows how to sit when he want a treat.

"Hello Banjo. Can you please concentrate on asking for treats? Treats are more important than looking at pretty ladies!"

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Trolley!

My family went to JB and came back with a trolley for me! This will be my future transportation when going gai-gai with my family.

"Small jiejie, are you sure the basket is able to hold my weight?" 

It feels funny sitting inside the trolley. Now I'm not able to smell smell the lift.... Hmm....

New Haircut 2013!

It's the start of a new year and I've got a new hairstyle! My family is complaining that my hair is getting messier and entangling easily especially around my ears.

Hmm.... this is the BEFORE photo of me.

And,,, this is the AFTER photo of me.

Side View of my new hairstyle.

And the lying down view of me!

And my tail tail view! 
"Hey! Who tied a ribbon round my tail tail!!"

They've kept the fur on my tail and ears and I'm nearly shaved down on other areas. My family say I've gone from a Papillon to being a Chinese Crest Dog!!! And Big Jiejie say I'm so botak and skinny.But never mind what they say. See the happy look on my face, you'll know I'm a fully satisfied customer because I'm feeling much much cooler now with all the thick fur fur gone! Not to mention being lighter also! A.... a few grams also lighter, right?