Monday, March 23, 2015

My Own Stroller!

Finally, I got to have my own personal stroller. Now I can go shopping in my stroller without having to be carried in my doggie bag by my human family. Psst..... I know I am getting heavier so maybe that is the reason Small Jiejie and Daddy decided to get me a stroller so their hands can be excused from the tiring task of carrying me. Hee....
The stroller costs only S$50.00!

The happy me trying out my stroller! Nice!
Side view of the stroller. The stroller comes as an empty stand on wheels only and Daddy got to put my doggie bag on it so I can sit in it. Great that my doggie bag fits snugly.
Happy strolling!

To end the post, let me show you a photo of me wearing the Korean Sauna Towel Hat or Korean jjimjilbang head towel. In Korean it is known as yang mori  (양머리). Small Jiejie decided to make me one after watching a TV program. Aren't I cute to the max?

Psst... Small jiejie, I am going to wear this hat when I go for my home spa ok?

Hellow everyone! Are you ready for a spa?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Posh Present from Taiwan

Big Jiejie went Taiwan again and came back with a little gift for me.

It's a very classy necktie in Small Jiejie's favourite colour - PURPLE!

Aren't I handsome in purple? ** Pardon my messy hair**