Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Miracle!

I had the worst day in my life on 30 June 2016. My daddy came home and found me hiding under the table unable to move. He pulled me out and thought that my legs might be numb from sleeping in the same position for the whole afternoon whilst everybody was at work. He tried to massage my legs like he usually did. However, the scariest thing happened…. my legs were still like jelly. They did not seem to belong to me and I couldn’t feel them at all.

The next thing, my human family did was to rush me to the vet. The worse had yet to unfold…

At the vet, I was made to undergo a physical examination. He actually realized that my legs did not have any reactions to pain, except deep pain and he raised the fear of the possibility of me having slipped disc. In addition, he also realized that my whole belly, eyes and gums were found to be jaundiced. I underwent a blood test and the results came as a big shock to my human family. I was found to have liver problem.

I was rushed to the 24hrs animal hospital to do a CT scan. However, upon arrival, the vet held back on doing the CT scan as my liver problem rendered me unsuitable for anesthesia. So I was warded overnight for monitoring and to schedule an ultrasound of the liver the next morning.

The ultrasound result was devastating…. I was found to have tumors in my liver. The vet suggested 3 choices for my human family.

1)      To undergo a liver biopsy test whereby I got to undergo the risk of anesthesia and the vet would put a long needle into my liver and take a sample of the cells to test whether the tumors are cancerous or benign.
2)      To undergo surgery for my supposed slipped disc problem. This is a greater risk since I will be under anesthesia for an even longer time. There is a higher chance of me not waking up from the surgery.
3)      To euthanize me……

My human family was heartbroken and torn between the decisions. Nobody felt that I should undergo such a big risk and the thought of losing me was devastating.

It was godsend that my human sister remembered the stories she read on facebook of real-life cases of dogs who were unable to walk but miraculously cured after they underwent acupuncture treatments by a very famous animal TCM doctor in Singapore. That doctor was no other than Dr Oh. My life savior!

Immediately, my daddy called up the clinic and explained my situation to Dr Oh. He requested us to fax over my medical reports from the vet and to rush me to his clinic.

Upon reaching Dr Oh’s clinic, I was given a physical examination, followed by my first acupuncture session. It was painful when Dr Oh poked the needles in certain areas, especially points near my liver. I yelped but I need to be brave to fight my illness. Surprisingly, during the acupuncture session, my tail was able to regain some movement and wag!

“This was the pitiful me at Dr Oh’s clinic undergoing acupuncture for the first time. I was rushed there after being discharged from the hospital still with my bandages and urine cathedra on…”

After the acupuncture, I was given 3 big bottles of powdered medicine to take twice daily and advised to come back for acupuncture once every 3 days.

Improvements could immediately be seen the next day. I could actually feel some sensation in my paws when my human family tickled my paws. I actually moved my paws!

Fearing that I would need long period of time to recuperate, my human family rented a set of doggie wheels for me so that I could still go downstairs for my daily walks and also to pee and poo.

“That was me on my wheels.”

 At first, I wasn’t very confident wheeling myself around whilst dragging my two hind legs. But slowly, I learnt to overcome the difficulties and could actually reverse and u-turn to my likings.

However, that set of wheels need not last very long as I was able to walk a few wobbly steps after the second acupuncture.

My human family had been diligently bringing me to see Dr Oh every 3 to 4 days. Improvements could be seen after every session with him. After 10 days and 3 sessions of acupuncture, I can actually walk without my wheels anymore! I am slowly regaining back to my old self.

 Below is the video of me on my walk 10 days after my first acupuncture session.

“The happy me on 12 July 2016.  
See how happy I am to be able to regain my strength in my two hind legs!
I am able to walk and even do the occasional skips and little runs which my Daddy forbids.”
“This is me on 13th July 2016 at my regular acupuncture session. This is my 5th acupuncture session.”
Every session of acupuncture treatment is a miracle in itself! I do experience great improvements after every session and even Dr Oh said that my case was a miracle! My jaundice had subsided and I can walk just after less than 2 weeks!

I was very lucky that my human family found Dr Oh and did not make the foolish and irreversible decision of having me undergo surgery. If not, I do not know whether I am still alive today.

Thank you Dr Oh for your patience and your amazing acupuncture skills! Many doggies and animals have indeed benefited from your treatments and I am one of those that you had saved! No words can truly describe the gratefulness that my human family had towards you for saving this little life of mine! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Surprize for 2015!

Hi everyone! Christmas is around the corner and my Christmas pressies for this year is...........

Anybody knows what this is???? He is one of the character of the cartoon - Oddbods and his name is Fuse!
And guess what he can transform into??
A blanket!!!!
A photo of me and Fuse! He is mine! Nobody is going to go near him. Chop, chop..

Monday, November 16, 2015

My First Staycation

My human family went for their holiday to Guangzhou from 08-12 Nov 2015 and I was brought for a staycation at Auntie Connie's home. Auntie Connie @ Happystay Home Boarding is a full time home dog boarding facility. This is my first staycation outside the comfort of my own house.
Of course, I was feeling jittery when Daddy and Small Jiejie left me with Auntie Connie on the night of 8 Nov. I kept scratching at the door and then continued waiting there for the whole night and whole morning the next day.
Me on the first night after Daddy and Small Jiejie left...... waiting for them to return and bring me home...
With the constant comforting from Auntie Connie, I slowly got used to the absence of my human family around me. I shifted from waiting at the door to the inner part of the house - under the dining chair...
Still sad and waiting.... but under the dining chair.
That afternoon, Auntie Connie brought me and my housemate - Ah Boy the Schnauzer for a walk in the park downstairs. See the naughty me kept on pulling both Ah Boy and Auntie Connie along..

In the evening, I was happier and more comfortable with my new environment and my appetite started to pick up.
PS: Auntie Connie's cooking skill is great! I finished all my dinner at one go! Daddy, you gotta improve your cooking skill!
I was even happily munching on my dental stick after dinner, not even missing my human family.
The next day, I was being a naughty boy... maybe out of boredom, I bit my paws... and as per my human family's instructions to Auntie Connie, she put on the disgusting shoes on the paws that I bit. Oh.... 
First, I bite my hand hand and both hands are wrapped....

Then I bite my other leg leg and that leg was wrapped... psst... lucky Small Jiejie didn't bring enough shoes to cover all my four paws!
That same day, Ah boy went home and I got a new girlfriend! A Japanese Spitz named Snowy!
Hello there, Sweety! Checking out my new girlfriend.
For dinner, Auntie Connie placed both Snowy and my food bowls next to each other, in the hope that we will both enjoy our food in the company of each other. However, fussy Snowy refused to eat her food and this is what I do...
Ate my dinner... but halfway through on seeing Snowy not around to eat, I continued to eat her dinner as well!
I began to warm up gradually to Auntie Connie and on the last day that I was staying there, I actually felt so close to Auntie Connie that I allowed her to belly-rub me!
And I even felt nice enough to play with Snowy!
But too bad... Daddy coming that night to bring me home! Next staycation, I shall come stay with Auntie Connie whilst my human family go on holiday. Auntie Connie really provides superb 5-stars service to the doggies under her care.

Friday, October 23, 2015

New Shoes!

Small Jiejie bought new shoes for me! Previously, I had been wearing socks, not to prevent my paws from the rough ground when I go for walks but.... to prevent me from biting my paws.... meh..... The socks had since lost their elasticity and so Small Jiejie decided to get shoes for me this time.

The happy me with all four shoes on me!
Small Jiejie : Try walking around in it, Scooby.
Me : A.... I think I lost friction with the ground. Will I fall??
Small Jiejie : Ok. Try standing first.
Me : Yeah. Standing is perfectly fine. But hor.... I still can't walk..

Small Jiejie : That's good. Then you shall remain standing in this position and don't "ka Jiao" (disturb) me.
Me : Huh........

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Accessories for my Stroller

I recently got an 'upgrade package' for my stroller! All thanks to Small Jiejie newest interest of shopping on taobao!

Now, I got my own mini fan and a cooling mat to make my trips more comfortable in sunny and humid Singapore!

My personal fan and cooling mat!
Me lying comfortably in my stroller with my upgrades!
A satisfied customer!

Sharing a Stroller

Since my family bought me a new stroller, I have been wheeling around in it, even if it meant just a short trip in the neighborhood estate.

Recently, I made a new friend - Master, a Chihuahua. His owner's previous dog was my friend - Foxy, a Chihuahua too... Unfortunately, he passed away a few months back due to a freak process of tooth scaling. So doggies out there, please let your humans clean your teeth. It is much safer than undergoing tooth scaling at vets.
Who's that in the stroller with me???
It is Master!
**Psst** See my not-so-happy face..... meh....
Scooby: "Daddy, it's so squeezy. No more sharing of stroller next time."

Friday, July 10, 2015

New Stroller & Bed

I've been MIA for a long time and here's a little update of my new assets in the month of June.

My human family had decided to get me a decent, reliable and durable stroller. My S$50.00 stroller structure prove to be not secure enough for my energetic rides and they don't want to risk me tumbling off the S$50.00 stroller whilst wheeling me as I tend to stand up whilst on the wheels.
And here's what they got for me off Taobao website at a decent S$70+.
Aren't my orange stroller grand?
Back view of the stroller aka my BMW.
Now I can play peek-a-boo with the shade. Can you still see me?
And mum decided to make me a matching orange pillow to go with my orange BMW to support my precious bottom.
Front of the Pillow. Here's what mum made for me.
Back of the matching pillow.
Not only did I get a new orange pillow, mum also went on to make me a 'swimming pool'!
Do you like my new 'swimming pool'? Wanna join me?
The 'swimming pool' is sooooo big that I can now sleep with all my toys!
I am a lucky boy!