Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Free Doremon Toy

Small jiejie went facebook to like an online doggie clothings supplier store and got a Doremon squeaky toy in its lucky draw! How lucky is Small jiejie! She got lots of luck in lucky draws as this is not the first time she won.

Oh btw, the Doremon is meant for doggies and not humans. So here is my latest squeaky toy collection!
The laughing Doremon and the smiling Scooby!
What about another shot of me lying down with Doremon?

Saturday, November 30, 2013

To Market, To Market, To Buy a Big Fat Pig1

Good morning everyone! How's your day? I'm going market aka gai gai with my new bag!

See my happy face with my new bag. I can put my poo poo bags and toilet paper inside the bag. 
See you!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Kitten @ the Void Deck

Recently, I've made friend with a little kitten at our void deck. This little kitten is as friendly as I am and remembering the first time we met, me and Daddy were sitting on the bench when this little kitten came and jumped up onto the bench without invitation from the big brother - ME!

Immediately, he laid down on the bench beside Daddy and asked to be belly rubbed without respect for the big brother - ME again! #@#$!. On seeing the cute little kitten, Daddy went ahead and belly rubbed for him with me looking on.... jealous. Daddy didn't bring his camera or phone thus he wasn't able to film the scene.

So yesterday night, we went downstairs with a camera in hand to purposely film the kitten. Oh, pardon Small Jiejie's poor photography skill as the void deck was quite dark and the photos appear blurred.

Big eyes (me) staring at small eyes (kitten).....before we proceed...

..... to smell the kitten at such close interval. Hey, see how friendly we both are to each other! It's not something that every dog or cat can do. So proud of myself!
See! The 'act cute' kitten asking for belly rubs again from my family. Hai.... **Jealous, jealous**
"Daddy, when we get home, you must promise to belly rub me 100 times!"
A closer view of the idiot 'cute' kitten getting stroked by Big Jiejie. See how contented the kitten was...
Another self portrait of the kitten. Ok, I admit he's real cute... BUT still lose out to me. See below as evidence.
In terms of cuteness, who can compare to me even when the picture is blurred!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Haircut & Spa @ Pet Cove

It's time of the year for another haircut. My human family brought me to Pet Cove for my recent haircut + spa. They got the promotion from the last pet event that we went and paid only S$30+ for the hmmm  ok.... not so much of haircut but hair trim + spa. 

The before haircut photo of me.
And this is the after photo of me! See how happy I am with my new hairstyle!
Oh the bow tie is a complimentary gift from Pet Cove.
Big jiejie cannot resist uploading one of my 'scary' hair day photo before my haircut.
But I think this is an artistic shot suitable for a hair shampoo ad.....

"Wish you have my head turning hairstyle?
Do use Silky Doggie Hair Shampoo."

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

HOPE 2014 Calendar and Bandana

It's time of the year to purchase doggies calendars and help those poor doggies out there in Singapore!

This year, Small jiejie and Big jiejie decided to purchase the calendars from HOPE Dog Rescue. A set comes with one 2014 calendar for Small Jiejie and a bandana for me! A set costs S$22.00 with the bandana costing S$12.00. Not cheap but it's for a worthy cause!

The HOPE 2014 Calendars and the Doggie Bandana in white.
How does the poster boy looks with the white bandana?
Answer : HANDSOME!!!
Answer : CUTE!!
Small Jiejie: "But hey! Can the poster boy please sit properly?"
Scooby: "Oh, that's my pose for the camera. Not sexy meh?"

Small Jiejie: "Think you can do better than that."
Scooby: "(Gulp) OH.... Ok, I shall go and think of something even more sexy... (disappointed)"

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Being Bullied on Saturday Morning!

The weekend is here again! But I don't get to sleep in late late as some humans do on weekends because my human sister doesn't sleep in late.... and guess what she did to entertain herself on such an early early Saturday morning?

Use me as her entertainer....
"Small Jiejie, what you gonna do by bringing out all my toy toy?"

And when I tried to ignore her by acting disinterested in my toy toy, see what she does next......

.........She went on to put Teddy on my backside!!!
"Hey, quick get Teddy off me!"

And the worst had yet to come...... She used my toy toy to decorate me!!
"Hey! I know Christmas coming but I'm not a Christmas Tree!!!"
Hai.... what to do.... I gotta resign to my fate as the temporary newly decorated Christmas Tree just to keep her amused and avoid further abusement of me..... Poor Scooby...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Supermarket Outing @ Cold Storage

Nowadays, I'm often with my human family on their grocery shopping spree. From being left alone at home to the heightened privilege of going to shopping centre and now to sitting and standing high high in supermarket trollies! My life is getting more exciting! Thanks to the hundred dollars doggie bag that Daddy bought for me!

The 'shy shy' me trying to act discreet so as not to draw too much unwanted attention from the shoppers and risk being thrown out of the shopping mall. Psst.... can you spot me?? 

"Daddy, I think I'm safe. Seems like nobody cares too much about me in the trolley."

Testing, testing 123..... Psst.... see, nobody spots me! Maybe I possess the invisible power or was it the invincible power??
Being bold! Standing up high high so that I can enjoy the views in the shopping mall!

Pets & Friends Event @ Tanjong Pagar Lee Kee CC

Small Jiejie and Daddy brought me to Pets & Friends Event on Sunday. It was a goodies filled day as I received lots of freebies on top of the treats treats that Daddy bought for me!

Also, think I brought good luck to Small Jiejie! She won 2nd prize at the Pets & Friends Lucky Draw! It's a brand new Samsung Camera!! Hee...hee... she can use it to take more handsome and cute photos of me!!

Oh! We saw the Giant Bunny again at this Pet Event! Hee.... Here's a bunny and a doggie for comparison! Have you ever seen such a fatty big bunny??? 
And this is me smelling the backside of the giant bunny. Hmmm.... he did smell funny... not sure whether he's a doggie or bunny. Btw, on comparison, his backside is definitely bigger than my face!! Oh gosh!
Giant Bunny and here's a giant fat Buddy???? No.... he's not Buddy, my 'cousin'. He's a Samoy. Aren't he cuter than the idiot Buddy? Shh... don't let Buddy know...
And this is me and my newly made friend! The Spiderman Vs The Superman Showtime! (In case you can't see, I'm wearing the Spiderman outfit and my friend here is in Superman wear!) See who wins paws down in the staring competition.

I was super duper dog tired after the event that I went home and sleep, sleep, sleep. The humans can never understand why I like this sleeping spot so much. Because I can have the metal rod as head support without nodding my head off. And it's a very good fit for my tiny head!
Small Jiejie couldn't even get a proper photo of me with my goodies and she got to make do with this...... Me below, with my goodies on top!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Papillon Meetup & Dog Run @ Bishan Park

Last Saturday, I attended the Papillon Meetup with Small Jiejie and Daddy. It's great to see many of my same breed friends there but there's always the question.... Why am I bigger size than the other papillons??

Hi friends, what are you doing? Eating nice treats, can I join?

Brown Papillon: "Hey! Get your head out of the way! The treats are for us!"

Next, we went onto the Big Dogs Dog Run Area and there's a handsome husky who seemed interested in me.

Husky: "Don't leave me please. I want to be friend friend with you!"
Scooby: "Hey, don't follow me! I'm quite a busy guy. I need to entertain my other friends as well. I come and find you later, ok? I promise."

See! I'm not lying. I'm really busy entertaining.... all sorts of friends....

Oops! I think I spot my big brother! He looks like me but in XL size!

This is the game of "Track the Backside" which my friends and I play! I follow daddy and in sequence my friends follow my backside and subsequently the other doggies follow too.. It's quite an irritating game as you can see...

Oh, and last but not least! I should of course, end with a handsome photo of myself! Aren't I cute???? See you next time, friends!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Aren't I Sexy?

This is one of my other moment of plain laziness and pure enjoyment with personal massage service by my Daddy Dearest!

Scratch, scratch tummy... with Daddy's legs as pillow. What a fortunate doggie I am!

"Oh hi everybody! Aren't my pose sexy?"

"Nice to meet you? Wanna get to know me better then shake my sexy paw paw!"
(Scooby offered his sexy paw paw)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lazing Around......

It had been a boring evening.... nothing to do but lazing around.

Bored..... with only my beddie for company....

"Small Jiejie, aren't you bored also? Why don't you join me and beddie?"

"Yeah! Three's not a crowd! I hug hug beddie and Small Jiejie hug hug me! Feel so blissful!

Suckling Piglet

Small Jiejie : "Anyone fancy a black and white roasted suckling piglet?"

Scooby: "Go away!!! I'm on one of my emo day.... Don't come and disturb me!"

I'm trying hard to sleep.....

Monday, October 21, 2013


Last Saturday. Daddy and Small Jiejie brought me swimming and after that, we went to fetch Mummy from work!

Waiting.... waiting.... why is Mummy taking soooo..... long....

To save time, I shall groom myself whilst waiting for Mummy so that Mummy will see the Handsome ME when she comes out! 
Lick, lick my sexy legs...

Now, lick, lick my backside.....

Happy with my grooming! Don't you think I look more handsome??

Yeah! Just in time, I saw my Mummy coming out!!
"Mummy, your handsome boy is here!!"