Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday!

Whoa! Time really flies, flies, flies! It's my birthday month again! Not only mine but my human daddy as well!

Small jiejie specially baked a human birthday cake - Marble Cake with Walnuts, for daddy and me (though I can't eat....)

This is me and my darling daddy with the birthday cake! Why no candles on the cake???

As usual, I received lots of presents for my birthday (cos' I'm the DARLING of the family!)
Oh and there's the doggie IQ Toy Paw Hide (Red & Yellow) though I've not yet mastered the trick of digging out my treats from the paws.

On top of the usual treats treats, Small jiejie bought me a super cute doggie poo bag dispenser!

"Small jiejie, the doggie has something stuck to its' backside! Let me try to pull it out for him."

.... And also an outing doggie bag from daddy! Now my family can carry me go 'gaigai' (shopping) with me sitting comfortably in the bag!

This is the doggie outing bag! 

Trying to wriggle myself into the bag and find a comfortable position.

Yes, yes, nearly there! Just let me find the hole for my head!

Tadaa!! There! Told you I can make it inside the bag! I'm not so fat lah!

Hmm! This bag is good, Daddy! A... But can I also bring my ball balls with me on shopping trips? There's still space inside the bag.

The length of the bag is just nice for my size! Great fit!

I'm a super fortunate happy happy boy!