Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Surprize for 2015!

Hi everyone! Christmas is around the corner and my Christmas pressies for this year is...........

Anybody knows what this is???? He is one of the character of the cartoon - Oddbods and his name is Fuse!
And guess what he can transform into??
A blanket!!!!
A photo of me and Fuse! He is mine! Nobody is going to go near him. Chop, chop..

Monday, November 16, 2015

My First Staycation

My human family went for their holiday to Guangzhou from 08-12 Nov 2015 and I was brought for a staycation at Auntie Connie's home. Auntie Connie @ Happystay Home Boarding is a full time home dog boarding facility. This is my first staycation outside the comfort of my own house.
Of course, I was feeling jittery when Daddy and Small Jiejie left me with Auntie Connie on the night of 8 Nov. I kept scratching at the door and then continued waiting there for the whole night and whole morning the next day.
Me on the first night after Daddy and Small Jiejie left...... waiting for them to return and bring me home...
With the constant comforting from Auntie Connie, I slowly got used to the absence of my human family around me. I shifted from waiting at the door to the inner part of the house - under the dining chair...
Still sad and waiting.... but under the dining chair.
That afternoon, Auntie Connie brought me and my housemate - Ah Boy the Schnauzer for a walk in the park downstairs. See the naughty me kept on pulling both Ah Boy and Auntie Connie along..

In the evening, I was happier and more comfortable with my new environment and my appetite started to pick up.
PS: Auntie Connie's cooking skill is great! I finished all my dinner at one go! Daddy, you gotta improve your cooking skill!
I was even happily munching on my dental stick after dinner, not even missing my human family.
The next day, I was being a naughty boy... maybe out of boredom, I bit my paws... and as per my human family's instructions to Auntie Connie, she put on the disgusting shoes on the paws that I bit. Oh.... 
First, I bite my hand hand and both hands are wrapped....

Then I bite my other leg leg and that leg was wrapped... psst... lucky Small Jiejie didn't bring enough shoes to cover all my four paws!
That same day, Ah boy went home and I got a new girlfriend! A Japanese Spitz named Snowy!
Hello there, Sweety! Checking out my new girlfriend.
For dinner, Auntie Connie placed both Snowy and my food bowls next to each other, in the hope that we will both enjoy our food in the company of each other. However, fussy Snowy refused to eat her food and this is what I do...
Ate my dinner... but halfway through on seeing Snowy not around to eat, I continued to eat her dinner as well!
I began to warm up gradually to Auntie Connie and on the last day that I was staying there, I actually felt so close to Auntie Connie that I allowed her to belly-rub me!
And I even felt nice enough to play with Snowy!
But too bad... Daddy coming that night to bring me home! Next staycation, I shall come stay with Auntie Connie whilst my human family go on holiday. Auntie Connie really provides superb 5-stars service to the doggies under her care.

Friday, October 23, 2015

New Shoes!

Small Jiejie bought new shoes for me! Previously, I had been wearing socks, not to prevent my paws from the rough ground when I go for walks but.... to prevent me from biting my paws.... meh..... The socks had since lost their elasticity and so Small Jiejie decided to get shoes for me this time.

The happy me with all four shoes on me!
Small Jiejie : Try walking around in it, Scooby.
Me : A.... I think I lost friction with the ground. Will I fall??
Small Jiejie : Ok. Try standing first.
Me : Yeah. Standing is perfectly fine. But hor.... I still can't walk..

Small Jiejie : That's good. Then you shall remain standing in this position and don't "ka Jiao" (disturb) me.
Me : Huh........

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Accessories for my Stroller

I recently got an 'upgrade package' for my stroller! All thanks to Small Jiejie newest interest of shopping on taobao!

Now, I got my own mini fan and a cooling mat to make my trips more comfortable in sunny and humid Singapore!

My personal fan and cooling mat!
Me lying comfortably in my stroller with my upgrades!
A satisfied customer!

Sharing a Stroller

Since my family bought me a new stroller, I have been wheeling around in it, even if it meant just a short trip in the neighborhood estate.

Recently, I made a new friend - Master, a Chihuahua. His owner's previous dog was my friend - Foxy, a Chihuahua too... Unfortunately, he passed away a few months back due to a freak process of tooth scaling. So doggies out there, please let your humans clean your teeth. It is much safer than undergoing tooth scaling at vets.
Who's that in the stroller with me???
It is Master!
**Psst** See my not-so-happy face..... meh....
Scooby: "Daddy, it's so squeezy. No more sharing of stroller next time."

Friday, July 10, 2015

New Stroller & Bed

I've been MIA for a long time and here's a little update of my new assets in the month of June.

My human family had decided to get me a decent, reliable and durable stroller. My S$50.00 stroller structure prove to be not secure enough for my energetic rides and they don't want to risk me tumbling off the S$50.00 stroller whilst wheeling me as I tend to stand up whilst on the wheels.
And here's what they got for me off Taobao website at a decent S$70+.
Aren't my orange stroller grand?
Back view of the stroller aka my BMW.
Now I can play peek-a-boo with the shade. Can you still see me?
And mum decided to make me a matching orange pillow to go with my orange BMW to support my precious bottom.
Front of the Pillow. Here's what mum made for me.
Back of the matching pillow.
Not only did I get a new orange pillow, mum also went on to make me a 'swimming pool'!
Do you like my new 'swimming pool'? Wanna join me?
The 'swimming pool' is sooooo big that I can now sleep with all my toys!
I am a lucky boy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Old is GOLD event

Daddy and Small Jiejie registered me for the Old is Gold event last Sunday. Hmmmm.... even though I am still a few months short of 6 years old (which is the event requirement for dogs to be above 6 years old), my human family still went ahead and made me older by filling in 6 years in the registration form so that I can qualify. Why aren't there  IC for dogs too??? OMY, I am an old uncle now.... But the youngest uncle at the event!
Anyway, it was a rather hot afternoon for the walkathon event. Whoever finishes the 1.8km walk (aka run) will get a Gold medal. Yap. That medal states 'Old is Gold'. A reminder of my age again.... However, it is also a support to older dogs that they should be treasured more by humans. Old doesn't mean useless and forgotten. It just means that we are wiser but we never lost our luster and naughtiness! Not me!
Resting on the bench halfway through the walk/run. Still smiling!
Meeting a new friend at the resting point. Hello there! Confirm you are older than me! Haha!
Another uncle friend! A handsome guy like me!
Psst.... oh dear Small jiejie, please push the pram away. That's cheating! Don't tell anybody I sat in the pram during the walkathon. We are supposed to walk the entire 1.8km!
**Lose face**
My beautiful pal! Hi Auntie!
Yeah! We had finally completed the walk! 1.8km to boot! See my gold medal?
At home with my gold medal still around my neck. So proud of myself! Ahem.
Photo for memory sake of my first walkathon number tag and my gold medal!
A funny photo of me looking like cock-eyed!
As usual, there was a photo booth at the event and we won't give up the chance to have a wefie! But I was too engrossed with my friend that I didn't look at the camera.

Monday, March 23, 2015

My Own Stroller!

Finally, I got to have my own personal stroller. Now I can go shopping in my stroller without having to be carried in my doggie bag by my human family. Psst..... I know I am getting heavier so maybe that is the reason Small Jiejie and Daddy decided to get me a stroller so their hands can be excused from the tiring task of carrying me. Hee....
The stroller costs only S$50.00!

The happy me trying out my stroller! Nice!
Side view of the stroller. The stroller comes as an empty stand on wheels only and Daddy got to put my doggie bag on it so I can sit in it. Great that my doggie bag fits snugly.
Happy strolling!

To end the post, let me show you a photo of me wearing the Korean Sauna Towel Hat or Korean jjimjilbang head towel. In Korean it is known as yang mori  (양머리). Small Jiejie decided to make me one after watching a TV program. Aren't I cute to the max?

Psst... Small jiejie, I am going to wear this hat when I go for my home spa ok?

Hellow everyone! Are you ready for a spa?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Posh Present from Taiwan

Big Jiejie went Taiwan again and came back with a little gift for me.

It's a very classy necktie in Small Jiejie's favourite colour - PURPLE!

Aren't I handsome in purple? ** Pardon my messy hair**

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CNY 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone! It's the Year of the Goat now!

See my new outfits for the 1st and 2nd day of CNY.

Remember my DRAGON T-shirt from Bangkok? Here's it is on me on 1st day of CNY cozying up with my dear doggie friend.
And here's my Ang Baos from Big Jiejie. Guess what's inside?
See! The happy me munching on my 'Ang Bao' from Big Jiejie - my favourite dental treat.
Yum..yum... YUMMY.
That's about all for the 1st day.

And for the 2nd day, here's my outfit.

Pardon my unglamorous pose..... This was taken super early in the morning when I am still in dreamland.... 
We went house visiting in the afternoon and there's wasn't any photos taken by Small Jiejie....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bangkok - 2015

Daddy and Mummy went on a Bangkok trip last week leaving me with Small Jiejie to take care of each other. But they came back with lots of pressies for me as usual. I'm such a fortunate doggy!

My pressies from Bangkok - 5 shirts  and a BIG box of Dental Treats!
1st T-Shirt - "I Love Mum and Dad"

The jealous Jiejies say - "Why only MUM and DAD, never buy - I LOVE JIEJIES"??
2nd T-Shirt - The DRAGON

"Hey Dad & Mum, this year is supposed to be the GOAT year. Not DRAGON leh!"
3rd T-Shirt - "The Italia Number 9 SOCCER jersey"

My all-time favourite jersies! I've got England, Italy, Brazil ...... Please add on more countries to my collection, my human family!
4th T-Shirt - The Ladybird T

"Help! There's a ladybird on my back!'
The ladybug is actually a mini bag. Small Jiejie say I can put my "toilet roll" inside when I go downstairs poo poo...
But I think I've got a better idea.... I can put my ball ball inside and play downstairs!"
Don't you think it's better?
5th T-Shirt - The Oriental Cheongsum

Hee... this will be my outfit for Chinese New Year this year. I look so studious in this wear, aren't I?
Oh... Daddy, you forgot to buy a pigtail hat for me.... That will have complete my outfit. 
Last but not least, I think you all missed my goofy good looks, right?


Here's a shot of my goofy face! Enjoy!
Cute!!!! Right????