Monday, November 16, 2015

My First Staycation

My human family went for their holiday to Guangzhou from 08-12 Nov 2015 and I was brought for a staycation at Auntie Connie's home. Auntie Connie @ Happystay Home Boarding is a full time home dog boarding facility. This is my first staycation outside the comfort of my own house.
Of course, I was feeling jittery when Daddy and Small Jiejie left me with Auntie Connie on the night of 8 Nov. I kept scratching at the door and then continued waiting there for the whole night and whole morning the next day.
Me on the first night after Daddy and Small Jiejie left...... waiting for them to return and bring me home...
With the constant comforting from Auntie Connie, I slowly got used to the absence of my human family around me. I shifted from waiting at the door to the inner part of the house - under the dining chair...
Still sad and waiting.... but under the dining chair.
That afternoon, Auntie Connie brought me and my housemate - Ah Boy the Schnauzer for a walk in the park downstairs. See the naughty me kept on pulling both Ah Boy and Auntie Connie along..

In the evening, I was happier and more comfortable with my new environment and my appetite started to pick up.
PS: Auntie Connie's cooking skill is great! I finished all my dinner at one go! Daddy, you gotta improve your cooking skill!
I was even happily munching on my dental stick after dinner, not even missing my human family.
The next day, I was being a naughty boy... maybe out of boredom, I bit my paws... and as per my human family's instructions to Auntie Connie, she put on the disgusting shoes on the paws that I bit. Oh.... 
First, I bite my hand hand and both hands are wrapped....

Then I bite my other leg leg and that leg was wrapped... psst... lucky Small Jiejie didn't bring enough shoes to cover all my four paws!
That same day, Ah boy went home and I got a new girlfriend! A Japanese Spitz named Snowy!
Hello there, Sweety! Checking out my new girlfriend.
For dinner, Auntie Connie placed both Snowy and my food bowls next to each other, in the hope that we will both enjoy our food in the company of each other. However, fussy Snowy refused to eat her food and this is what I do...
Ate my dinner... but halfway through on seeing Snowy not around to eat, I continued to eat her dinner as well!
I began to warm up gradually to Auntie Connie and on the last day that I was staying there, I actually felt so close to Auntie Connie that I allowed her to belly-rub me!
And I even felt nice enough to play with Snowy!
But too bad... Daddy coming that night to bring me home! Next staycation, I shall come stay with Auntie Connie whilst my human family go on holiday. Auntie Connie really provides superb 5-stars service to the doggies under her care.

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