Saturday, May 29, 2010

King of the Throne!

It's nearly 4 months since I've arrived at my current forever home. I've grown up from being a scaredy "dog" who ran and hide at the slightest sound to a more confident young lad who has learned to bark at strangers who dare to step near the door.

You might think barking comes naturally with every dog. But this was not the case with me. Remembering the past 2 months that I've been here, I didn't even make a single sound leading my current family to think that perhaps I'm dumb. But time changes it all, I've come to realise the love that my current family gives me and in return, I've learned that this is my home, my family, and I need to protect them. Though at many times, they might think I'm crazy to bark even when nobody at the door.

At home, I'm the baby of the family and also king! See the below photos and you'll understand. I can now jump onto the armchair with just one hop. (Psst...please don't tell daddy. He isn't very pleased with me on the armchair.) This is where I'll be sitting or sleeping when nobody at home (or when daddy not in). I'll be there looking at the door and waiting for my family to come home.

This cushion sure is much, much more comfortable than the floor! See my happy smile!

This is how I'll be lying in wait of any sounds or movements outside the door.

Huh? I think I heard someone at the door. Could it be daddy??

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cute Little Puppies

These few days, Big Jiejie & Small Jiejie are excited over 8 wriggly little "cuties" that they say was how I looked when I'm still a small baby. These 8 little wriggly cuties were brought home by our next door korkor from their factory. The mummy dog had given birth to the 8 pups and seeing that they were so pitiful, he adopted them and brought them home. There are now 5 little girls and 3 little boys. Two of them are brown whilst the rest are all black.

Big jiejie and Small jiejie have been going next door to help in feeding the hungry little pups and cleaning them.

However, I'm not so pleased over my little newly found neighbours. Whenever, next door korkor bring these little pups home from work, I'll be readying by the door to threaten them by my loud and incessant barks. Even long after they had gone indoors, I'll still be sticking my head through the gate and growling at them. No choice! Who ask them to snatch so much attention from my Big jiejie and Small jiejie away from me?

Big jiejie say that I've gotta be more friendly with them as they will grow up to be bigger than me! Let's just see whose going to be the big bully then!

These little pups are only a few days old and they have not yet even open their eyes! So they are now actually eight blind "mice"

Cute little brown pup. Isn't she sweet?

Feeding one of the greedy little black boys.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Dinner Process!

Hi everybody!

It's been quite a while since I've last blogged because Big jiejie is so busy with her handicraft online business that she had no time to post my super cute photos!

This is what she's been making all this while....

If you're making hairclips, magnets etc and need some cute felt appliques to work with, you can drop by to have a look! The proceeds from the sales of the appliques will go towards buying treats and toys for me!!! Hee!!

Anyway, here are actually some long overdue photos taken of my typical dinner process...

"Jiejie, what are you cooking for me today?"

"Smells nice! Can I have a sample to taste first?"

"Huh... still cannot eat yet? Still hot and need the fan to cool it down?"

"Jiejie, how long must we wait? Can't you just forget about the blowing part and give my dinner to me? I'm hungry..." **salivating**

15 minutes later......

Oh yes finally it's cooled down! See, that's my table ready-set! Here come my dinner! But first, I need to obey jiejie's instruction and mind my manners by sitting down and wait before she will served my food.

Next, I'll smell my food and see if I like the smell and taste. Psst... actually it's also to check whether there's any poison in it before I dug in...hee,hee!!

If everything seems ok, I'll continue to enjoy my dinner! Yummy!!