Monday, June 17, 2013

Haze, Haze Go Away...

Hai... the weather has been getting hotter and hazier with each day and so is my mood....

When will the haze go away??  Hot weather = Bad Mood.
Bad Mood = Bored Scooby
No more outings to parks....

Dad : "Scooby, want to go sit car car??
Scooby : Hmmm! Sit car car got air-con, not hot! 
Yeah! Want! Want! Wait for me Daddy!" 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Visit to Goldie - Rainbow's House

Small jiejie brought me to her friend's house last Saturday to bake cake and egg tarts. Rainbow and me were kept outside whilst the humans were baking.

"Be good boys, both of you and stay here!"

Scooby : "Jiejie, please let me in! I can help you bake cakes."
Rainbow : "Hey, stop being a nuisance! You only know how to eat cakes and not bake cakes!"

Rainbow : "Hai.... why they take so lonnngggg.... to bake the cakes??"

Scooby : "It's so boring.... Shall we play catch, Rainbow?"
Rainbow : "You aren't my match, Scooby! Who scare who!"

Rainbow (Sniff, sniff)  : "Oh, finally I can smell something nice coming out. Scooby can you smell it?"
Scooby : "No.... I can only smell your backside!"

And after a long afternoon, here's the result of the humans' bakes! Yummy! But aren't there's anything for us doggies? We had waited all afternoon. IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Presents from Taiwan

I've been receiving lots of presents from my human family recently as they went travelling overseas. First, it was Big Jiejie who went to Hong Kong and now is Small Jiejie who just came back from Taiwan.

Here's my loots from Small Jiejie! There's jumpers, harnesses, treats and my favourite ball balls!

This is my Winnie the Pooh jumper suit. 
Left Side.

Right Side

And my other rabbit jumper suit! Cute?

Let's hope my human family go on more holidays so that I can have more presents!