Thursday, July 29, 2010


I was having diarrhea again. My family brought me to the vet at Sunset Way on Monday night. The vet said that I had the same bacteria in my poo as the last time. He said that I must have been licking the dirty ground whilst out on my daily walks and this problem cannot be helped unless I grew up to have stronger immunity then I'll stop having diarrhea. Hope so! No choice, who ask me to be so inquisitive about everything!!

Btw, I've gained weight! Yippee!! The last time that I was at the vet in February, my weight measured 5.5kg. Now I've increased to 6.35kg! When my daddy asked the vet why I'm still so skinny despite eating a lot, the vet's reply was that "because I'm a hyperactive little boy!" I've been running, jumping, playing, chasing balls and disturbing people a lot which used up a lot of energy, not to mentioned burned a lot of calories. That's why I'm still so slim! Hee..hee...

I was given antibotics, another type of tablet to firm up my stools and a liquid medicine to ease my upset stomach. And I've been a really good boy to gobble up all my tablets wrapped with cheese and lick the last bit of liquid medicine administered from the syringe which Big jiejie gave to me. Medicine don't taste so bad afterall!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Choosy Fellow!

I've got a whole lots of toys - stuffed toys, balls, ropes etc stored in my wardrobe. So whenever, I want something, I'll ask someone to help me. But, Big jiejie says I'm very choosy. Am I??

Here's the video for you to judge:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Scooby, the cutest and friendliest dog!

Big jiejie likes to meddle with me and takes my photos because she said I look so cuteeeee.... Wherever I go, I'm bound to make friends with people especially aunties! They'll always go, " Oh, is this your dog? So cute!!"

Recently, I've made many new friends including next door auntie's mahjong khakis! Last time, whenever they walked past our door, I'll bark at them to greet them. But not now, I've already friend, friend them because I always visit them whenever they came to play mahjong next door. So now it's the opposite, whenever they walk past our door, they will greet me with a "Hello!" and I'll be standing on my hind legs at the door giving them my friendliest smile!

(Big jiejie: Psst.... Actually he's not going next door to friend friend the aunties. He's actually going next door to tackle (date) the little puppy girl - his newfound girlfriend. Will post photos of her soon!)

Also, I've finally gain recognition as a papillon. Finally there's someone who knows my rare breed as a Papillon (Butterfly Dog)! Whilst walking me at the open space opposite our home, this China auntie see my cute face and approached Small jiejie asking."Is this your dog? So cute! He's a Butterfly Dog, right?"

And yah! You should have seen Small jiejie grinning from ear to ear. Heehee...

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yesterday was another home alone day for me. Daddy, Mummy and Small jiejie went to Vivo City for shopping leaving me alone at home....

So boring.....

Why isn't anybody home yet....

Waiting.... Waiting..... Waiting.....

Finally they're back and they didn't come home empty-handed! There's my big bag of treats just for me!! Luckily I was being a good boy and not up to any mischief! Yippee!!

See me sniffing and checking out my treats. There's Chicken Kiwi Lasagne, Chicken dumbbells, Duck breast, Sushi Rolls etc...etc... Wow! Yummy!

And now my turn to enjoy my treats.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Personal Wardrobe!

It's been almost 5 months since I came home. My personal belongings have been growing and growing in quantity! That prompts my family to consider getting me my own personal wardrobe! So here it is!

"Let me show you my personal wardrobe!"

"It's a 5-tiers wardrobe. I've rented the 1st tier to small jiejie for storing all her plugs and charges. The 2nd tier holds my morning breakfast kibbles and my daily supplement - Solid Gold Seameal Powder. The 3rd tier holds all my favourite toys and balls. The 4th tier (which is my favourite) holds all my delicious treats! The last tier holds my shopping bag, towels and blankies!"

"Now my turn to explore my wardrobe and see whether I can sneak a bite of my treats."