Sunday, June 27, 2010

Missing Ears!

Hey! What happened to my ears? I lost my ears!

"Where's my ears? Can you help me find my ears??"

"Mummy, where's my ears? Have you seen them?"

"Hmm..You think I look handsome without my ears?"

"Ok then! I'll stop looking for my ears. My head seems lighter without them anyway!"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lazy Saturday Morning .....

Sometimes, I'm such a lazy bum that I don't want to move my hands, legs or even mouth.

That was the case this morning. It was such a lazy morning for lazy that I even got daddy to feed me whilst I was lying down...

"Daddy, I want some more food. Can you please stretch your hand a bit longer? My mouth is too short to reach."

"Yum, yum, yummy! That's it, daddy! I can enjoy the best of both worlds now - eating and sleeping! See I'm the king!!"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Night Grooming!

Everyday without fail, I'll end my day with a night grooming session by big jiejie. This 15 minutes session includes teeth brushing, cleaning ears, cleaning body and combing hair. So whenever I hear the phrase "Brush teeth teeth, comb hair hair, clean ear ear!!", I'll run for my dear life!

The catching the "lizard" game will begin and I'll be running around like mad trying to avoid being caught. But usually I'll lose the game and surrender after being caught by daddy or small jiejie and put on the grooming table.

Here's me left with no choice after being caught and sitting nicely waiting for big jiejie to begin the gruelsome session....

Hey jiejie, can you please hurry up and get the grooming session done quickly? I want to go down and play.

See my grooming tools and bottles on the table? Psst...small jiejie's table is a real mess!

Big jiejie, why are my ears still so messy after grooming????

Take a look at my shapely side view. Aren't I handsome enough to be in the manhunt?

This is my side profile when I'm standing. Don't you think I've grown fatter (with a little "pork"belly) as compared to the day I first came to my family? Big jiejie say I've been eating too much pork resulting in the pork belly!

And this is what I aim to be in 2 years time! A model papillion dog!

After the grooming session, what's next? Run and hide! The smelly and noisy vacuum cleaner is coming!! Arghhhh! Can you spot me under the bed?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sleeping Manners

When i'm dog-tired, I like to sleep whenever and wherever I like. I just don't care a dime about my image anymore and here's some of my unglamorous and glamourous sleeping poses!

This is me sleeping like a log with all fours in the air! Hey, don't disturb me! I'm in my dreamland, running by the seaside with my girlfriend.... Oh sweetie!!

Oh and this is me still deep in my dreams, kissing my sweetie!! Ooo..mmuuggg...

This is the demure me, curling myself up dantily like a sweet little "girl"!

And this is me! Sleeping like a baby with my own blankie and pillow!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Mummy

It had been raining the whole afternoon today and the weather was cold. No playing balls for me at the corridor or going for walks downstairs. So do you know what activity this weather condition is most suitable for?

Yes, it's to be a MUMMY! See how I wrapped myself in my blankie and snored my way to sleepland! Zzzz.....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Friend or Foe?

Yesterday, Buddy korkor came to our house again. Whenever he come to our house, there will be bound to be lots of commotion (dog commotions to be exact).

Contrary to his name - Buddy, he doesn't want to be buddies with me no matter how I try to engage him in my play. Whenever he came, I'll be bounded within my dog cage and the bedroom with the occasional chances to get out and disturb the big white fellow, whilst he gets to roam the house. Not fair.....

On the occasional chances that I got to get out and get him to play with me, he will growl at me and we always end up in a dog chase and fierce scratching and barking. In the end, guess what, he got a small scratch near his eye and I got a small scratch on my cute nose. Now no more cute..... All thanks to you, Buddy.

Buddy : Hello, what you looking at? Don't you know how to greet your senior?

Buddy : Hey, I'm talking to you!
Scooby : Can't you see I'm busy eating my bone. Don't disturb me.

Scooby : Hey Buddy! I'm done eating! You're such a good boy waiting for me. Let's play!

Buddy : I'm not waiting for you. I'm actually guarding you. Just in case you try to escape!

Scooby : Isn't it boring to stay there guarding me? Why don't I try to get out of this cage and we can play together? That's more fun, isn't it?

Buddy : Hey! You're not supposed to get out of there! I'm going to make sure you aren't going anywhere!

Buddy : I think I can keep a better watch over both you and my food by staying here. Just in case you escape when I'm not looking and steal my food.