Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Aren't I Sexy?

This is one of my other moment of plain laziness and pure enjoyment with personal massage service by my Daddy Dearest!

Scratch, scratch tummy... with Daddy's legs as pillow. What a fortunate doggie I am!

"Oh hi everybody! Aren't my pose sexy?"

"Nice to meet you? Wanna get to know me better then shake my sexy paw paw!"
(Scooby offered his sexy paw paw)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lazing Around......

It had been a boring evening.... nothing to do but lazing around.

Bored..... with only my beddie for company....

"Small Jiejie, aren't you bored also? Why don't you join me and beddie?"

"Yeah! Three's not a crowd! I hug hug beddie and Small Jiejie hug hug me! Feel so blissful!

Suckling Piglet

Small Jiejie : "Anyone fancy a black and white roasted suckling piglet?"

Scooby: "Go away!!! I'm on one of my emo day.... Don't come and disturb me!"

I'm trying hard to sleep.....

Monday, October 21, 2013


Last Saturday. Daddy and Small Jiejie brought me swimming and after that, we went to fetch Mummy from work!

Waiting.... waiting.... why is Mummy taking soooo..... long....

To save time, I shall groom myself whilst waiting for Mummy so that Mummy will see the Handsome ME when she comes out! 
Lick, lick my sexy legs...

Now, lick, lick my backside.....

Happy with my grooming! Don't you think I look more handsome??

Yeah! Just in time, I saw my Mummy coming out!!
"Mummy, your handsome boy is here!!"

Monday, October 14, 2013

Swimming @ Petgamart West Coast

Yesterday, Daddy and Small Jiejie brought me to the new Petgamart situated at West Coast. It has a huge swimming pool and Daddy paid S$38.00 per year for membership whilst I get to enjoy my free swims on weekends! Yippee!!

Here's a video of me in the new swimming pool with the super irritating Goldie who kept trying to bite my tail and slap me on my body whilst I'm swimming. Too bad, Small Jiejie didn't get a chance to catch his bullying tactics on video....

Pardon my unkempt appearance. This is the drenched me just out of the pool! Going for my bath....Urrr.... Daddy, can I have my bath in the swimming pool???

This photo is taken from Petgamart's facebook. Me and Daddy shopping for MY GROCERIES at the huge Petgamart store! Hee....Hee.... Gonna grab lotsa of treats treats! Treat Treats, here I come!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Supermarket Trip

With the new doggie bag, I can now tag along on shopping trips with my human family. Yeah!! No more home alone on weekends.

Here's me inside the doggie bag and travelling on the supermarket trolley.

Once we passed the security guard at the entrance, Daddy will unzip the top of my bag.

Hee.... That's when all the fun began! Now I can come out from my bag and enjoy my shopping experience!

Wheee.... can finally be free to stand up and have a better look around the supermarket. Not to mention lots of attention on me from all the shoppers who passed by me.

After all the shopping, it's time to head home with all the bags of groceries! Uhhh.... Where's our car car??

Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Dental Treat - Kanoodle

My human family bought me a new dental treat! KaNoodle! Yippee!!

A.... though it's name is KaNoodles but it does not looks anything like noodles.....

 Smelling out the new KaNoodles..... Hope it's edible..

Biting on the KaNoodles..... to clean my teeth....

Hmmmm...... taste not bad... Hope my teeth will be cleaner! Smile!

Friday, October 4, 2013


Small Jiejie had been busy doing housekeeping of her room last weekend and a lot of stuff had been thrown out of her messy cupboard. The poor me had to suffer because of her housekeeping routine as I was forced to 'rent' her my space.... She literally threw her books, stationery and dino toys in MY TERRITORY!

See.... My bed got bombarded by my bear and her dino toys as they had no way to go.... 

Her messy stuff invaded my territory and I had no choice but to find alternative 'bed' by sleeping on one of her old old bag and pile of books..... Poor me....

This doggie telephone was also one of the victim of her housekeeping. Poor doggie... 
"Never mind doggie, We are friends in the same boat. I shall share my temporary shelter with you."

How long is Small Jiejie going to take in cleaning up her messy room??? 
When will I get back my territory!

Maybe I should take a short forty winks and hopefully by then she will have finished with her housekeeping.... Close.... Closing.... Closed! Zzzzzzz.....................

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Black Chair aka Bed

Since my family bought the 'King's Chair' - 天王椅,they have been fully obsessed with it and I, on the other hand, have the privilege to claim the old black reclining chair as 100% mine!

Now, nobody is allowed to sit on this black chair except the King - ME!!

It's a pity nobody appreciate the beauty of this chair anymore. It is so comfy that I now prefer to snooze on it both day and night. Zzzz...... See my face, you will know how super duper comfortably asleep I am. 

Anybody want to hire a handsome sleeping beauty for their mattress advertisement??
Can contact me! I only charge 2 doggie bone bones and a ball ball play session.