Friday, October 23, 2015

New Shoes!

Small Jiejie bought new shoes for me! Previously, I had been wearing socks, not to prevent my paws from the rough ground when I go for walks but.... to prevent me from biting my paws.... meh..... The socks had since lost their elasticity and so Small Jiejie decided to get shoes for me this time.

The happy me with all four shoes on me!
Small Jiejie : Try walking around in it, Scooby.
Me : A.... I think I lost friction with the ground. Will I fall??
Small Jiejie : Ok. Try standing first.
Me : Yeah. Standing is perfectly fine. But hor.... I still can't walk..

Small Jiejie : That's good. Then you shall remain standing in this position and don't "ka Jiao" (disturb) me.
Me : Huh........

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